Is it mandatory that the community pool has a lifeguard?

Every year in the summer months there is a doubt that arises recurrently by neighboring communities with pool: is it obligatory to hire a lifeguard? It is an important question for communities since spending months lifeguard at pool opening is significant. The answer is not simple, because there are no regulations at the state level , so we should consult the Autonomous Community where the community pool to see if it is mandatory or not to have a lifeguard in our pool are.

community pool

Depending on the requirements of the Community in which the pool is located vary widely. For example, in Madrid the applicable legislation is Decree 80/1998 of 14 May, by which the sanitary conditions of public swimming pools are regulated. It is stated that “in all pools must have a lifeguard service with a sufficient degree of knowledge regarding life guards and first aid, whose training will be accredited by the competent authority. Such staff will remain on site at all times of operation thereof. ”

This rule also states that the number of lifeguards shall be:

• One rescuer up to 500 meters square.
• Two lifeguards between 500 and 1,000 meters square of surface
• From 1000 sqm of excess , a lifeguard more.
In the enclosures • where they have different vessels in order to estimate number of lifeguards, all the surfaces of sheets of water are added.
• In the event that the physical separation between the vessels do not allow effective monitoring, it will be compulsory to lifeguard in each glass.

By contrast, in Catalonia, in accordance with Decree 95/2000 of 22 February, laying down the health rules for public swimming pools are set in that community, we see it is only obligatory pool lifeguard over 200 square meters.
The literal text states that: “the pools that have one or more vessels with a total water surface area of ​​over 200 square meters should have, during bath time established a lifeguard service in accordance with the number of people to bathe or swimming practice, the number and visibility of the vessels and the activities carried out “. Therefore, in pools with one or more vessels with a total area not exceeding 200 square meters there is no obligation to take lifeguard, unless an amount charged for access to facilities, in which case they must have a person in charge of the bathers monitoring and supervision of compliance with internal rules of the pool.

These are just some examples of communities, to meet all applicable regulations in each region is essential to have a lawyer , to explain to us, as each territory, the rules to be followed in this matter.