Is dryer vent cleaning really that vital

This is a very common question, often asked amidst the HOA’s of America and house owner’s forums. Not every property has a dedicated laundry room, so this does not apply to every household in the US, however, it does apply for properties with dryer vents – how often should they be cleaned?

Most common issues due to irregular dryer vent cleaning

One of the biggest mistakes one can make is to underestimate the power of consistent heat and dry fabric fibers minced into a fine, birds’ nest-like structure. Not only does that restrict airflow for the exhaustion of hot and moist air, but it also increases the chance of a house fire.

Do not underestimate the amount of friction that is created due to restricted air flow, because exactly that is one of the survival methods thought in basic military boot camps. Why do dryer vent house fires occur? Lint is the perfect consistency and material for fire starting, with the added bonus of restricted airflow of really hot air.

The consistent hot airflow creates a drag and a focus on heat into a singular point. If any of you have tried lighting a fire without matches, you’d know that the added benefit of consistent airflow will increase the chances of fires.

It will cause mold growth in your laundry room

Mold can be quite dangerous, especially if untreated, so your goal is to prevent it from happening. A dryer vent which has not been cleaned for a while, will accumulate lint over the course of several months.

The role of the exhaust of the dryer is to remove the hot, moist air from your clothes and to transfer it outside, where it can safely be vented. If the airflow in that vent is restricted, it basically acts as if you’ve pulled the exhaust from the vent and let it flow into the room.

The increase moisture content will cause a condensation on the walls and behind appliances, where it will promote fast and fruitful mold and mildew development.

It will increase electrical bills and will damage the vent

The air pump of the dryer will work harder trying to exhaust the hot air, which it will not be able to. This back draft will cause quite a lot of resistance in the opposite direction of the rotation of the pump. This will cause it to work harder, drawing more power, increasing the heat and amperage into the circuits of the appliance, providing enough resistance to create a short circuit.

All of this can be easily avoided with regularly scheduled dryer vent cleaning from a true professional company like They will make sure that everything is in order, so you can have a peace of mind.