Is dressing attic windows difficult? – Know which window treatments fit!

Are you thinking of converting your old attic room into a guest bedroom or children’s play area? Then it’s time to look for some inspiration as attic windows are mostly uniquely shaped, and sizes are not standard. Custom shutters are the answer to attic windows. Let us learn how shutters can help you dress your attic windows.

Unique dimensions

Most of the time, attics are under-pitched roofs with steeply angled ceilings. The windows are slanted, rounded, circular, or even arched-shaped. If you’re planning to cover your windows with curtains or blinds, drop the idea. They won’t fit in an angled window. You can fix a rod midway to help the curtains or blinds cover the window, but they won’t serve any functional purpose.

The best way to cover these oddly designed attic windows is custom plantation shutters. They will perfectly fit the odd angles and shapes of your attic windows. The slats can be cut to suit any size or shape window.

Energy Efficiency

Attics never had a practical use more than a storage area, but it makes the attic space extremely cold during the winter months and hot and humid in the summer. The times have changed, and people are interested in converting their attics into more usable spaces – guest bedrooms, children’s play areas, etc. If you are looking for an attic makeover, you need to look into the energy efficiency issue.

Energy efficiency window treatments and not sheer curtains can solve blocking harmful sun rays and cold drafts from disturbing the attic temperature. In addition, custom plantation shutters can prevent heat loss and gain, leading to lesser energy bills in your homes.

AluCore Poly Shutters are better energy efficient than real wood shutters and aluminum shutters – 70% better than wood and around 1600% better than aluminum. These shutters are an eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and modern alternative to wood, aluminum shutters, and homeowners’ popularity.

Make the most of your attic space

You can use your attic as a storage space, new guest bedroom, or even children’s play area by making the right choices in window treatments. If you still have questions, many window treatment service providers in Florida offer free expert home consultation where the experts come to your homes with the samples. So give your attic a makeover today!