Introduction to Zinc Dining Tables

When it comes to the metal market in home furnishings, stainless steel dominates other metals. However, zinc has been becoming a popular table material. It’s worth considering, especially for dining tables and countertops.

Zinc is a natural element that can be found in water, soil, and air. This type of metal is durable, making it a great material for a tabletop. It’s a living metal that does oxidize and change color over time, often to a slightly bluish-green patina. It reacts to oils, acids and even standing water. A lot of people like the beautiful and unique look of weathered zinc, but before it comes to a beautiful patina, there can be awkward stages when the surface just look stained. If you want to maintain the original sheen of your zin tabletop, polishing the surface and covering it with a layer of beeswax can surely help.

Types of Finishes for Zinc Dining Tables

Zinc easily gives an industrial aura to a dining room, though it offers a warmer feel as compared to stainless steel. There are three main types of finishes for zinc table tops: polished, matte and patina.

  • Matte – Matte is the most common finish for zinc tabletops. It makes the surface more reactive to everything, making an aged look appear naturally.
  • Polished – A polished zinc tabletop is very shiny and reflective, as the surface is smooth and less porous. Since it is less porous, patina forms the slowest. However, polished zinc can show scratches in the long run.
  • Patinated – If you want a tabletop with a patina finish early on, this is the type of zinc table for you. It used acid to create the reaction on the surface of the zinc. Most reactive agents used by manufacturers create a darker color on the zinc.

Advantages of Zinc Dining Tables

So why should you consider a zinc dining table when there are many stainless steels and other metal tables available? Here are some of the advantages of zinc.

1. It’s stylish

The combination of zinc tabletops and wood or metal frames create an endless design choice for your dining area. Because of its metallic nature and naturally-occurring patina, zinc lends a beautiful industrial look for your home. A zinc table can be dressed up or dressed down with either wood or metal bases and can be finished with a European aged patina or a modern high polish.

Zinc can also add a fresh new material and texture to a room. If your kitchen is dominated by wooden cabinetry and warm colors, a zinc table can add a metallic contrast. A sleek, polished zinc surface can balance the heavier and earthier feel of your wooden cabinets.

2. It’s durable

Compared to other popular tabletop materials, zinc tables are durable. Wood can be easily scratched and gouged, while glass can be smothered by fog or dirt. Wood deteriorates, while glass can be shattered. You won’t encounter these things with zinc; as zinc doesn’t gouge as easily as wood and doesn’t leave fog or handprints like glass. Zinc is non-porous, so it won’t absorb water rings, but these marks will simply fade and blend over time.

3. It’s anti-bacterial and easy to clean

Zinc is a perfect material for germaphobes, as it has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that are naturally occurring. This is also the reason why it’s popular in bars. Because of its smooth surface, you can easily clean it with mild soap and water.

Zinc Tables

Where to Buy
ZENTIQUE Borges Zinc Top Table
Modern Zinc Top Dining Room Furniture in Weathered Oak
Aged Zinc and Wood Table
Indore Zinc Round Dining Table
Kathy Kuo Home Blaine Modern Acrylic Zinc Top Round Coffee Table


Zinc tables may not be that common, but you can avail some of them from Amazon:

1. ZENTIQUE Borges Zinc Top Table

This is a long, rectangular zinc top table with a wooden frame. The curvy style of the wooden table suits interior styles such as mid-century modern, cottage, shabby chic or other similar styles.

2. Modern Zinc Top Dining Room Furniture in Weathered Oak

Looking for a contemporary style zinc dining table? This one’s a perfect choice. This rectangular zinc top table is supported by X-frame bases in a casual look. The frame is made of oak with a cool weathered finish. You can also order pairing, nail-trimmed dining chairs.

3. Aged Zinc and Wood Table

This rectangular table has a patinated zinc surface that complements a solid wood base, making a balance between modern and rustic. It’s a perfect table to use as a dining table for four or as a home office table. If you like to add a rustic touch to your modern home, this is the table to get.

4. Indore Zinc Round Dining Table

A statement-making piece, Indore Zinc Round Dining Table combines the best of industrial and late-Victorian styling. This is a round pedestal table with a sleek zinc top and a hand-carved Canadian pine base. It’s a piece that suits most interior design styles well.

5. Kathy Kuo Home Blaine Modern Acrylic Zinc Top Round Coffee Table

While it’s not technically a dining table, this table is a great choice if you live in an apartment and/or if you dine in your living room. This has a round tabletop that sits atop a clear acrylic base. This brings a sleek, modern style to any interior while adding an illusion of airy and open space.