Immunity booster foods to include in your kid’s diet

Everyone knows that flu season comes with many difficulties to worry about. Not only this, you now have the Coronavirus pandemic looming over your heads. At this time, the health of your family members, and yours too, hold supreme importance. And if you have children at your home, you would have to be extra careful with them.

Many children come under the category of fussy eaters and do not pay attention to their hygiene. This makes it all the more important to take care of their well-being and give them a healthy diet.

So, what food items can you include in your kids’ diet to strengthen their immunity? Keep reading to learn more.

Fruits – The first food item that can kick up your child’s immune system is fresh fruits. Give them a plate full of colorful fruits rich in fiber and antioxidants. This will surely enhance their immune system.

Include citrus fruits like oranges and limes as these are excellent in fighting back infection. Blueberries contain anthocyanin, and apples have quercetin, which works well towards building immunity. Hence, let them taste the different delicious fruits to be at the best of their health.

Nuts and dry fruits – Are you wondering which dry fruits you should opt for? The answer is cashews, almonds, and walnuts. Also, you can give your children pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds as they are a rich source of vitamin E. There is no denying the fact that dry fruits, seeds, and nuts are great for kids and their health.

However, some children are prone to allergies from various food items like almonds, nuts, etc. You can conduct a food allergy blood test from home to ensure that your child is not allergic to any such food items. Besides, as per a nutritionist, you can give them dry fruits in an easier way by turning them into powder.

Vegetables – No one can beat the power of vegetables. Let us give you some examples. Include moringa leaves, broccoli, and other leafy vegetables in the diet of your child.

Moringa leaves provide sufficient amino acids, iron, and calcium, broccoli provides vitamin C, and other green leafy vegetables have potassium, fiber, and many more needed nutrients and vitamins in them.

Herbs and spices – Are you the one who thinks that spices are used only to add flavor to the food? If yes, then you might need to think again. Several spices and Indian herbs are a great means to boost immunity in kids. To make it more elaborate, let’s take a look at some of the examples.

Turmeric contains chemical named curcumin that is like an antiviral for the body. For its best use, you can give your child a glass of warm milk by mixing one teaspoon of turmeric in it. The other example is cinnamon. It has therapeutic effects on their body. Including a small amount of cinnamon daily in the children’s diet can prove to be beneficial in the long run.

To sum it all up

Believe it or not, only with a little effort you can build a stronger immunity in your child. And we have loaded you with the food items that can help you with this aspect. So, go on and make them lead healthier lives.