Ideas for Styling a Glass Dining Table

Glass-top dining room tables look pretty great, as it makes a space feel airier and more spacious. See-through tabletops also add a dimensional design element by giving a clear view of the tables underneath, expanding the room’s visual space. Decorating a glass tabletop with texture, color, fabric, and other decorations can improve its innate visual interest.

Here are some tips and techniques to style your glass dining table:

1. Cover with a linen cloth

When it comes to adding covers to a glass dining table, linen tablecloths are a wise choice. Adding table linens adds color, texture, and a homey feel to an otherwise cold dining table. For instance, bamboo placemats can help define individual dining spaces while providing an earthy, natural feel. Adding linens can also help muffle the clanking noises created when setting silverware and glasses against a bare tabletop.

Also, if you want to change up the look of your table for a party, a special dinner, or any occasion, you can use a tablecloth to temporarily alter its look and give it a solid appearance.

2. Decorate minimally

The styling trick of using a glass table is to avoid adding too many accessories and details so as not to make it look cluttered. Glass surfaces have an innate beauty as they draw in light and offer a beautiful reflection that makes them appealing. They can also match just about any style or décor. Simply having one or two items placed in the center of the table is the best way to decorate it. If you want to display a mini collection, having them grouped using a tray or a bowl is the best way to keep your decorations coherent.

3. Add a centerpiece

The easiest way to decorate a glass table is to add a centerpiece. There are countless ways you can decorate with a centerpiece, and you’re only limited by your creativity. Here are some centerpiece ideas you can choose from:

  • Vase of flowers

Almost all kinds of dining room tables can benefit from a vase of flowers or plants placed at the center of the table. It’s easy to do and makes it a beautiful focal area of a room. Fresh flowers can add a fresh aroma to the room, but if it’s not feasible for you, you can opt for realistic-looking faux flowers, so you don’t need to change them a lot.

  • Ceramic or crystal vase

Another beautiful option for a glass dining table is a ceramic vase. Sometimes, an eye-catching, empty vase will be enough to decorate your table. You can choose a vase that works with the paint color of your walls or upholstery on your chairs. The color glaze you choose could be your favorite accent color for the room.

  • Crystal decanters

Crystal decanters are old-school and elegant. Whether they are empty or filled with spirits, a grouping of three will look perfectly matching on a glass table. The glass will amplify the shine of the crystal. You might want to place a fabric placemat beneath them or a mirrored tray to keep the decanters gathered at the center of the table.

  • Succulents

Succulents have been super on trend these past few years. These juicy, hardy plants come in different shapes and sizes and are hard to kill even if you don’t have a green thumb. And since they are low-maintenance plants, it gives a busy person an opportunity to still own a house plant. There are so many ways to showcase them on a table, but for glass, it’s best to put them in simple white ceramic planters.

  • Candle arrangement

If you want a table with a warm and cozy feel, create an arrangement of candles in the center of the table. Whether you use votive candles or long, tapered pillar candles, these can make your glass dining table look stunning. A candle arrangement can be placed on a mirrored tray so that the light can reflect.

  • Bowls

A beautiful decorative bowl can be a simple and modern centerpiece, whether it’s glass, ceramic, crystal, or metal. You don’t have to place anything in the bowl, but if you like to, you can display fresh fruits, stones, shells, or glass bowls.

  • Trays

A rectangular centerpiece can work within the space requirements if your glass table is rectangular. You can find trays made of mirrors, metal, or even wicker – all these can suit a glass table. Trays are also great to use to keep your centerpiece items grouped and uncluttered.

4. Add place settings and dishes

Place settings add a decorative tabletop décor for everyday dining, dinner parties, and holiday gatherings. White dishes add a fresh, simple look, while dishes with more intense colors add stimulating color. These elements can wake up and freshen up the appeal of a glass table. Mix and match your place settings with your dishes, flatware, and stemware to update the style of your glass table.

5. Add a table runner

If you want to keep the appeal of the glass but want to make the table look homey and inviting, add fabric table runners. Sometimes, the table can feel too empty, and you might want to give it a slightly traditional dining room look. A table runner that runs across the length of it will be just right.

On top of the table runner, you can place a vase of flowers, potted plants, bowls of fruit, or any dining room accessories that goes well together.

6. Decorate with a rug underneath

Styling a glass dining room table includes the view above as well as below it. For instance, a large area rug placed under a dining table adds some dimensional depth when viewed through a glass tabletop. Besides that, rugs can also help anchor the look and warm up the space.

7. Surround the table with stylish seating

The décor of a glass table will surely come together with stylish seating. You can buy better-looking chairs or repurpose the dining chairs you have. Also, don’t shy away from the chairs you can find at thrift shops and flea markets.

8. Decorate the table according to themes

Celebratory gatherings are a call for decoration. During the holidays or any dinner party, establish a theme and decorate your glass dining table according to it. It’s a fun opportunity to make the table prettier according to seasons, traditions, and festivities. Plus, your eyes would love the new change. This way, you won’t feel bored by the same table setting over and over again.

For example, you can add a bowl of colorful faux eggs on Easter or greenery and a red table runner on Christmas. At Thanksgiving, you can add a few autumn decorations like acorns and pumpkins at the center of the table.


Decorating a glass-top dining table is relatively easy. There aren’t many items you can display if you want an elegant look at the table. Adding a few items is better than overcrowding the table with a bunch of random dining room accessories.

Consider the style and theme of your room to find particular decorations that can match. However, sticking to traditional decorations like candles, vase, flowers, or plants are the best way to decorate a simple and attractive table décor.