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Ideas for dressing a brick fireplace with a large barn beam

A brick fireplace with a large barn beam provides a strong focal point for a room, and how to decorate serves to reinforce this area. When you are decorating your fireplace, rustic looking accessories that complement the architecture and materials of the fireplace. This type of detail decorative enhance the natural beauty of the brick fireplace.

Ideas for dressing a brick


Natural elements
Due to construction rustic fireplace and mantel, items that are best seen as decorative accessories are objects that are found in nature. During the spring, creates bouquets of wildflowers and place in a variety of vessels along the ledge. In the fall, complete with items such as vases, dried pomegranates, small pumpkins, decorative objects made ​​of rope or acorns. Create a decorative base made ​​of pine branches and pine cones with clusters of red and green apples with corn ears colors.


Art and accessories
When choosing art and accessories for the wall above the mantelpiece, looking for items that fit folk and rustic style of the mantelpiece. Find a mirror with a solid oak frame. Stay away from the finely carved mirrors, gravitating instead toward something simpler, such as mission-style varieties. Choose works that illustrate the field or a still life of fruit. Add a little more light and color hanging candle sconces wrought iron. Choose candles with colors that contrast with the brick, such as eggshell or ivory.

As the fire and the shelf have been built with these heavy materials, looking for decorations that fit the fireplace in proportion. Instead of framing your images with thin aluminum frames, choose varieties instead some thicker wood. Or pick up some large mason jars and insert your photos inside, looking out. Line them up according to height. If you are making a display of candles for the fireplace, choose fat candles instead of long and conical. To provide some visual interest, alternating the heights and shapes of candles, cylindrical candles mixing with large candles, ball shaped.

Unusual Items
Unusual items in the mantel immediately catch visual attention. Hang a pair of ice skates in front of the fireplace, hiding the nails with some pine branches and berries. Displays a collection of wines to create rows of three or five on each side of the fireplace. Embracing the child in removing your old tin toy or game station.