Ideas for Decorating with Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is one of the most surprising yet somewhat underrated trends in interior decoration today. We get obsessed with pretty plants, but who knew we would collectively fall in love with grass, of all things? These flowy and feathery, wheat-toned grasses can either evoke photos of vintage gardens and pastoral pastures or modern, trendy interiors. It has a unique look and texture that’s not typically strong enough to make a statement but makes wonders as an accent, thanks to its fluffiness.

What is Pampas Grass?

Pampas grass, or Cortaderia selloana, is a tall-stemmed, flowering grass native to the Pampas region in South America. It was later introduced to North America, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia in the seventies. It grows in different neutral colors, from light beige to golden wheat to silvery gray, and is usually used as a decoration once dried. Pampas grass is known for its white, feathery flowers, which are the most eye-catching feature.

However, because it seeds prolifically, it’s considered an invasive weed in several regions and is even banned in New Zealand and Hawaii.

Whether it’s a weed or not, pampas grass continues to be an attractive indoor ornament, from living rooms to dining rooms to bedrooms and even bathrooms. Whether you’re into rustic design or prefer a contemporary style, nothing complements home décor like pampas grass.

Since pampas grass used in home décor is already dried, it requires less maintenance than real plants. However, you will need a high-hold hairspray to minimize its shedding.

How to Decorate with Pampas Grass

Whether your décor style is boho, rustic, glam, or contemporary, a touch of pampas can work perfectly. Here’s how you can decorate with pampas grass:

Let it stand on its own

Despite usually being in a beige color, pampas grass doesn’t need much fuss to make a statement. Simply add it to a vase and let it stand on its own. The general rule with pampas grass is to keep it simple. Having only three to five stems in a vase creates a highly effective visual impression. The grass itself has a fluffy beauty that works by itself, so it’s recommended to let its simplicity and warmth envelop a room.

Place it in a unique vase

For some people, buying oversized and unique vases is an unbreakable habit. Sometimes, you don’t always know what to do, but thankfully, the pampas grass trend provides the perfect vase-filler. With the right vase, pampas grass can become a memorable, statement-making piece that enhances the décor of any room.

Many interesting vase choices help you achieve a chic and dramatic effect. Large, oversized vases offer a balancing effect for tall pampas grass. Clear vases work to showcase the natural beauty of the stalk. Rustic terracotta vases can complement the striking elegance of the grass.

Combine it with other dried foliage

While pampas grass can stand on its own, it doesn’t mean you can’t pair it with other dried foliage. Depending on your décor style, you can opt for dried plants like twigs, leaves, and dried flowers. Dried herbs are also a great option because it gives off a pleasant aroma.

Use it to enhance neutral color palettes

If your home interior is mainly composed of neutral tones, it can benefit from the decorating potential of pampas grass. Pampas grass can give off a modern, elegant vibe when combined with neutrals. There’s a lot of unlimited potential for combinations, as any neutral colors can work well with this dry grass. You won’t go wrong when you mix it with an interior with soft, neutral tones.

Decorate your bedside with it

Your bedroom should be a safe space for you to retreat from the wild outside world. Every inch must feel intentional, and adding some pampas grass decoration can set your room into a relaxing space. These cloud-like stalks can bring a smile to your face every morning, making you feel like you’re getting up from a fluffy field.

Decorate with grass of different colors

Pampas grass comes in different colors but is mostly neutral in tones. Because of that, it can function as a versatile decoration you can use in various settings. Its typical airy, beige, or light yellow tones work great with design styles such as contemporary, boho, and rustic.

Though it’s common to see pampas grass in neutral tones, it also comes in bolder tones such as pink and purple. There’s actually a pampas grass variety called Cortaderia selloana ‘rendatleri,’ commonly known as “pink feather,” which produces true pink plumes. There’s also another interesting variety of the grass called Cortaderia jubata, or Andean pampas grass, which has a purplish hue. Using them is great if you want to take advantage of the fresh grass looks while adding a touch of color to your room.

Create a pampas grass wreath

If you think wreaths are just for Christmas, think again. Depending on the material you use, they can add pizzazz to your door all year round. You can make your own pampas grass wreath and place it on your front door or as a wall hanging inside your house. It offers a lovely way to celebrate the start of fall and the end of summer. A pampas grass wreath hung on a plain white wall adds an extra level of warmth to the space.

Create a pampas cloud

Want to add a unique take on the trendy grass? You can make your own pampas cloud and hang it from your ceiling. The cloud will add a stunning texture to your room and will certainly act as its focal point. Not only would they impress your guests, but they will also be safe from children and pets since they float above the ground.

Make it a year-round decoration

While most people associate pampas grass with autumn, they can be incorporated into your space year-round. If you’re tired of having to change your table centerpiece a lot because of the changing seasons, you can use a pampas grass instead. Its neutral hue allows you to keep it displayed for as long as you like, even throughout the holidays.

Pair it with a dark background

If you search photos of pampas grass used as interior decoration, you will mostly see them shown off in bright, neutral rooms with white and light-colored walls. However, this pretty plume can also stand against dark tones. Try displaying pampas grass on a black or dark-colored background (for instance, an accent wall) to add dramatic contrast to your room. Dark walls are on-trend, so when you pair them with a light and fluffy plant, it will create a moody atmosphere.

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