Bedroom Design

Tips and ideas for decorating a bedroom

As with any other decoration room , an ideal choice for bedroom design is essential. In general, we will all this room to rest and recharge energy, so a bedroom should be soothing and also can reflect your personal style and mood. The three most important factors in interior design are color, design and use of textiles to create the style and look you want. Whether you want a warm and cozy retreat if you prefer, as a vibrant space to renew you, with these tips you can create your ideal bedroom.

Color is one of the most important design aspects of your rooms as it sets the mood and allows you to add details such as fabrics. If you want a room quiet, choose soft colors such as sage green , lavender, blue-gray or light brown. If you want a vibrant space, looking for dark shades of your favorite color like eggplant or burgundy, or take a green, red or blue. If you want a special touch , a little intimidating but we use color, paint three walls with a paint neutral as creamy white and uses a bold color on one wall as an accent you serve. Use a detail decorative painted a border-for example, to incorporate color in a room , even if you’re thinking of using neutral range.

 ideas for decorating a bedroom


Because you will surely spend a lot of time in your bedroom, the arrangement of furniture is very important because this depends you move freely around your space. Make the room look bigger and brighter placing large mirrors on the walls. One way to improve natural lighting is to place a mirror on the other side of the window, just in the opposite wall. If you prefer, you can place mirrors on the doors of your closet. The measure also provides illuminating the room . Keep furniture to a minimum to prevent further reduce the bedroom. Do not feel obligated to decorate the entire room for single use, especially if you have a room close or as L. Break the awkward and stiff design creating a sitting area or reading in a corner and leaving the bed and dresser in the larger portion of the room.

Textiles such as bedding , carpets and curtains complete the overall look of your room . To create an elegant luxurious feel, choose bedding with rich color, feather duvets and linen sheets. The heavy velvet curtains also added luxury. For an airy atmosphere, choose lightweight fabrics such as linen and chiffon curtains and use them in the windows. Will they let light through while still providing the privacy you need to feel comfortable. The linen cotton will bring you a feeling of freshness and cleanliness when you go to sleep, which is ideal for a relaxing bedroom. If you have a room spacious, add a rug and let the bare ground in some areas to highlight the breadth.