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Ideas for bed curtains

If you’re lucky enough to have a canopy bed, and you know that changing the curtains of the bed changes the look of the entire room. If you have a canopy bed, you can get the same effect by hanging curtains from the ceiling around the bed. Depending on how you use the curtains, have a romantic, cozy and quirky room, and no thoughts to the bed curtains to suit every mood.

Hang velvet curtains gives a sense of timeless elegance. Curtains can be lined in velvet too, so when closed are still surrounded by softness. Brocade is also very romantic and has a new dimension when viewed in the light of the candles. The cotton curtains come in many different forms, from curtains hanging crystal flowers in soft folds up cheerful waving swiss dots with the slightest breeze when the window of the room is open. Whatever fabric you choose, you can have a blanket and a pillow or a couple of them made to match, which will make your bed would coordinate with the curtains.

bed curtains

The sheer curtains give a graceful look to your bed with canopy. When folded, the bed seems suspended in the clouds. The frilly lace curtains give a Victorian style bed. You can get a tropical look with networks like curtains, hanging on all sides or collecting it in the corners so that the poles of the bed are seen through a mist. Another option is to collect different colored layers of gauze over the intersecting top of the bed and slide down the poles of the bed, ties up intervals. The sheer curtains give your canopy bed visually luxurious air without compromising the spaciousness of the room.


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Of course, the bed curtains do not have to actually be curtains. Surrounding the bed with ropes where small colored pieces you can give an air of the 60s to hang your room. A child’s bed can be decorated long streamers hanging from the canopy with multicolor stripes. Displays tiny white lights flashing on top of the bed frame so that when you lie on it, just see a field of “stars”. You can also customize your bed curtains with tassels silk ties or loops to curtains. Other thoughts may be wrapping the cloth around the poles of the bed with wire spirals with lights, or silver bells hanging from the edges of the curtains. Change the look of your bed curtains according to your mood and the time of year, and lays the foundation for your sweet dreams.