Bedroom Design

Ideas for decorating the baby’s room in green color

When you are going to have a baby your room should be one of the places that we must prepare so that when it arrives everything is ready. It’s a classic it seems that refuses to disappear and by not passing the time, today there are many different options for decorating such as the green room that we bring.

It is one of the colors most appreciated for the decoration of a room, because it gives tranquility and induces rest. One of its advantages is that it combines with virtually all colors, which will allow us to get right without trying too many tones. A clear success is the one we see in the photographs of this entrance, which has combined a pale green with white and gray, creating a great sense of tranquility and warmth.

room in green color

We can see how colors have been combined in four distinct ranges. White as main color, pale green and light gray, all accompanied by the warmth provided by the texture of the wood of the chair of the bed.  On these lines we see another perspective of the room, which has been papered in predominant tones, gray and pale green, with small clouds following an original pattern, accompanied by a composition of paintings with ad hoc motifs and a pendant With airplane shape and clouds that reinforce the whole.All elements of this or any other baby room should be harmoniously combined, which will help the baby in his early days in an environment that is pleasing from the outset. In its first days it will only distinguish bumps and you will see colors like white, black and the range of grays, later it will distinguish the red color and after that, the objects that move to later become aware of the rest of colors. Studies have shown that the choice of color for a baby’s room is related to its tranquility and the color combination we see in the photographs is a good alternative.

In this room has been made the most of the space by creating volumes, such as the wall, with a base at the bottom, much of the wall paper and paint on the top, providing less linearity and making the decor more pleasant. The rest of the set stands out for a carpet in gray on parquet in varnished natural wood and different elements such as cushions and decorative objects in different shades of the main color as we can see in the photograph.

As you can see in the photographs it is a simple room not having a decoration too overloaded but decorated with great taste and with a good choice of colors something that you can also get to convert the room of your future baby a haven of tranquility.