How To Improve Home Aesthetics With Houseplants

With the right houseplants, any homeowner can add a lovely touch to their interior decor. Plus, the oxygen that these plants produce will improve the air quality inside your living or working spaces. Certain studies also show that adding plants in one’s surroundings is good for mental health as well.

With all these benefits in mind, the next step is adding some plants in your home. This could include gardening in containers if you don’t have a garden. If you take care of them right, they’ll give you healthy cooking ingredients or nutritious components for homemade medicines.  However, there are some easy houseplants that could give you cleaner air and decorate your place without much care or maintenance. They’ll still require some space, though, so make sure you have that room beforehand. Just placing some houseplants in common pots might be a bit boring, so here are some tips on improving your home aesthetics with houseplants:


Seagrass Basket

A seagrass basket is sturdy and made mostly of natural fibers. This makes it an environmentally responsible choice when you want a place for your houseplants. You can easily get a seagrass basket made especially for plants online. They’re even foldable and usually come with handles so you can carry or store them easily.

Plus, a seagrass basket comes in many designs, color, and patterns. You can choose a neutral shade to go with any type of decor or choose a unique design that goes with your eccentric style. There are several sizes available, so no size of houseplant is out of the question.

Keeping a houseplant in a basket like this is great for your house aesthetics, but that’s not all. The material for most baskets like this is also best for those who want a natural material. Seagrass baskets are closely woven, which keeps the dirt inside but still allows some moisture to seep out as needed.

Floating Shelves

If there’s not much space to spare in your house or apartment, look into investing in some floating shelves. These will provide some useful small on the wall for small houseplants. You may have to report or remove the pants if they get too large, but pruning and pinching them back will hopefully keep them up there for a long time.

Homeowners can get some floating wooden shelves with wrought iron rods for extra sturdiness. This combination will look attractive on any wall and can also be placed in almost any shape you like. The iron part will also provide the strength needed to hold those heavy pts. You can also alternate the plants with some books, spice jars, or other things to make the decoration practical as well as pleasing to the eye.

Macramé Hangers

If floating shelves are too expensive, another effective option for using vertical space is the macramé hangers. These are beautifully woven hangers that have some plant pots attached, making a hanging space for your houseplants. You can easily make a macramé hanger yourself if you’re crafty. For an easier option, though, check out these macramé hangers available on Amazon.

Even if you do have space on the floor, these hangers are a preferred option for those who like a mix of modern and vintage decor. We can use it to brighten up any dark or boring corners, a neutral office, or form an interesting entrance on the porch. It’s fairly easy to install them as well, as all you need is a hook on the ceiling, the edge of the porch rook, or jutting out from a wall.

Use Your Windowsill

One of the easiest ways to add plants to your home is to place some small pots on your windowsill. A window box might also work. This will provide you with some greenery, providing a beautiful natural touch to your interior. If you have a green thumb, you can make that window box into a mini herb garden. This will provide you with easy and inexpensive access to delicious herbs for home cooking.

If you don’t have a suitable ledge on any window in your home, see if you can hang one yourself. This is the perfect spot for most plants, as they’d get plenty of light and air in that spot.

Creating a Plant Wall

Home offices are great for those who work from home, but it’s sometimes important to get some privacy in order to complete your goals. If you don’t have a separate room for working in your home, consider screening off a designated space by using a wall of plants. This could be as simple as choosing some tall pants and grouping them together. Alternatively, you could get some large tension rods and hang trailing plants on top.

A Wire Grid

If you have a lot of small houseplants or have a boring empty wall to jazz up, use a wire grid for displaying purposes. You can use S-hooks to keep the plants in place. Some wire grids also have shelves that you can mount and use for displaying plants.

The wire grid will also be a handy place for hanging your gardening essentials, such as a pair of shears and a spade. You might want to choose an unobtrusive place for these in order to maintain the aesthetic.


This is a good option for those who don’t have much space in their home. This board will hold hooks, shelves, and even shelves in the combination of your choice. This way, you can choose the look you’re always wanted. When you get tired of a certain setting, it’s easy to change things up.

If you’d like some color added to your pegboard display, for example, a few brightly-colored pots will do the trick. You can also wind the vines of some plants all around the board to create a climbing ivy effect.


Houseplants are quite versatile; as long as they get a bit of light and water every now and then, they’ll probably thrive. However, it can be difficult to move heavy pots here and there, which might be necessary if you want the pat to get enough light. If you have an empty corner somewhere, see if you can find a small rolling cart to put the plant pot in. This will not just look unique, but also allow you to roll the plant outside for a bit or simply move it out of the way on certain occasions like a dinner party.

You can also use a rolling cart for smaller pots, creating a jungle-like effect or having your own portable terrarium. Either way, you can be sure that corner will be far more interesting than before.


While interior design can be tricky for some, getting some plants for your home isn’t that difficult. Even if it’s your first time decorating your living space, getting a nice plant will usually improve the interior. You don’t have to agonize over expensive modern art or accent furniture. Most of the options above will always be in style. Plus, a house plant will give an air of permanence to your place along with some added dimension. Get a cheaper version today and see the difference it makes.