How to Use the Entry Door Reinforcement Kit: The Definite Guide

To maintain your house and your family’s safety, using entry door reinforcement kits is an upgraded choice nowadays. Making your sweet home burglary free should be your main priority of any homeowner.

We spend our whole life’s earnings on our house, and it should be safe and risk-free. Moreover, our dearest ones’ lives also hang on how much we are aware of our duty to our houses.

We have researched and ensured that these small changes and kits could insure your house and your beloved family’s safety. So, without any further ado, let’s talk about entry door reinforcement and its usage.

How to Use the Entry Door Reinforcement Kit: The Definite Guide

Avoid break-ins and increase your house’s safety by installing the deadbolt and lockset and reinforcing them. Hire meilleur fournisseur de services de serrurerie here.

Let’s learn how to install or replace a deadbolt and other door reinforcement kits to protect your family and house by beefing up the lockset strike plate.

What is an entry door reinforcement kit?

It is a smart way to secure your house from robbery or burglary. Normal exterior and interior doors are to point out the entry of someone’s property. It is the homeowner who needs to work on the door to ensure their safety.

Any smart and experienced person will give importance to the door reinforcement issue. It is just strengthening your home security by replacing or adjusting some kits with your door.

For example, portable kits such as portable door bar, security latch kit, deadbolt, etc., can get these from your nearest hardware shops. If this is not available, there is always an open door for you on Amazon online shop or contact serrurier Schaerbeek.

Tools you will need

  • Screwdriver
  • Drill machine
  • Drill bits
  • Saw (optional)
  • Sanding block (optional)

Portable door bar

For those who are unable to mount a door kit, this bar is a great non-permanent choice. By doing so, homeowners who rent their homes and frequent travelers will avoid break-ins.

The bar is typically made out of grade steel with padding on both sides to minimize injury to doors and floors. Common doors (both internal and exterior) and sliding doors can be used for bracketing. In several home defense conditions, this steel is flexible and very useful for temporary use.

Security latch kit

One of the cheapest defense plates you can find is this Security Latch Kit. It came into the market just to make security inexpensive for everyone. The kit, which is made of chrome-plated and nicely polished steel, is a great upgrade on a regular construction set-up.

The plate cannot prevent the most skilled or aggressive intruders, but without a protective latch at all, it is much safer than a door set-up.

Deadbolt and its installation

Using a deadbolt can be the most modern solution in the case of securing your home. Everyone is using them, and its installation or replacement is quite easy. Stay with us to learn how to install a deadbolt on your door. 

The installation process-

Remove the old one

If there is already a deadbolt needs replacement, remove the old one. Two screws on the door’s interior side and two screws on the faceplate carry almost all forms. 

Measure the size of the cylinder hole and the depth of the ‘backset.’ The backset is called the sum of the measure from the middle of the hole to the door’s edge. You will require these measurements to buy a new deadbolt.

Drill a hole to lock the scrap board

Lock the scrap board to the main door. And then, mark the core of the new cylinder hole both vertically and horizontally to locate the starting point for the hole saw bit. 

Be sure that the drill level is maintained and straight according to the surface so that the hole saw bit never connect the wrist and arm and pull it. 

If you don’t have the saw, chip the wood out of a partly drilled hole, and begin to dig. Work slowly enough so that when the drill or the saw’s bit goes through the lock, you don’t crack the opposite side.

Install the deadlock

And finally, clean up the rest of the wastage from drilling the hole and test-fit the deadbolt. Use a file to clean it out if the throw-bolt hole is too short. 

Please ensure that the mounted deadbolt lock door strike plate matches flat. After attaching the cylinder, attach the bolt itself. Tighten the screws with a screwdriver; the threads can be stripped from a power drill.


There you go, you have got the options for both temporary and permanent entry door reinforcement kits and the process of its installation. The portable bar and the latch kit are when you want to use it for temporary use. And the deadbolt for permanent use.

Have a safe environment at your house!