How to Unlock Bathroom Door Twist Lock [Beginner’s Guide]

Imagine a situation where you are busy with your work at home. Suddenly, you hear your kid screaming, only to find out that she has locked herself in the bathroom. This is a very common scenario in almost everyone’s life.

Several times in our life, we have ended up on the wrong side of the door. This particularly happens with bathroom doors. There may be a few serrurier bruxelles pas cher options to look into and call in the experts. However, it is important to know how to unlock the bathroom door twist lock for an emergency.

This article will provide you with a beginner’s guide to picking door twist lock easily and without prior knowledge.

Things to Know Before Learning How to Unlock Bathroom Door Twist Lock

Before we jump into knowing how to pick a lock like a professional thief, we must know what kind of door locks are usually found in bathrooms.

Bathroom door locks are usually twisted locks. This kind of lock is also known as privacy door knobs or bed and bath doorknobs. Inside these doorknobs, there is either a twisting lock mechanism or a push button.

Now that you know the kind of doorknob your bathroom door as you can start the process of unlocking. Here is how to do it.

Technique 1: Using A Substitute Key

You can use a paperclip, an eyeglass screwdriver, or even a spam key for this process. Usually, the interior doors are not as sealed as the main doors of a house. If the door does not have any key lock system, the front side must have a small hole in the middle of the knob.

Inside the hole, there is a small button. In the simplest terms, all you have to do is click that button to unlock the door. However, it is just not as easy as it sounds. The paperclip you use needs to be straight and pointy to push the button.

Along with this, some locks will require you to twist and twirl the button. This is where you will need the screwdriver to tweak the button inside the bathroom doorknob hole.

Technique 2: Removing the Whole Doorknob

All you will require for this is a screwdriver. This technique will also suit those doors that have a low-security level.

You will have to remove the doorknob and disassemble the entire lock. In most knobs, you will remove the pieces such as the shank, rose, etc. A simple flathead screwdriver should do the trick and help you remove the lock.

Technique 3: Pulling the Bolt

You may use this technique when the bathroom door lock mechanism is bolts loaded with springs. These bolts also have an edge that is angled that is facing away from you. You will need a wire coat hanger in this process.

The first step is to bend the hanger to make a hook shape. After that, you will need to put it in the gap between the jamb and door edge. Once the hanger is in position, you will need to strongly turn the knob and wire hanger together.

While turning the knob, you will need to pull the hanger near you so that the lock can be loosened. Eventually, you will be able to open the door by twisting the knob and pulling the wire coat hanger.

Technique 4: Pushing the Bolt

If the angled edge is facing towards you in the same lock, this is the way to unlock the bathroom door. All you will need is a firm credit card for the process.

The technique is almost as same as before. The only difference is that you will be pushing the latch bolt with the credit card instead of pulling it. Just like before, you will need to continue with the process while turning and twisting the doorknob.

Technique 5: Lock Picking

Just with bobby pins, you can pick locks easily. It will be like your favorite thriller movie. However, it will just take a bit longer than other techniques.

You will need to bend two bobby pins in a particular shape for the job. This first bobby pin will be used to turn the cylinder inside the small hole of the doorknob. You will then have to bend the last centimeter of the fulcrum in exactly perpendicular angle with the free ends.

Finally, you should attach this part with the bottom of the keyhole, and the remaining should be used as a handle.


Children can get really scared from being locked in a room. For some reason, getting locked in a bathroom is even scarier. As a result, it is essential to know how to unlock the bathroom door twist lock. The 5 techniques mentioned in this article are simple and suitable for beginners.