How to Tell if You Have Rats or Mice in Your Home?

If you’ve ever had a rodent infestation in the past, you know how difficult it is to get rid of them. Just a small population of rodents in your home could take a few weeks to get rid of, so imagine what a larger infestation could do. That’s why it’s essential you stay on the lookout for signs of a rodent infestation in order to get help as soon as possible if you realize you do have a rodent problem.

Rodent Waste

One sign that you have rats or mice in your home is the presence of rodent waste. This can be either feces or urine.

Droppings can usually be found in enclosed areas where rodents are most likely to be. That means inside cupboards, near walls, and within other dark spaces. Mouse droppings are small – about one centimeter in size – while rat droppings tend to be a bit bigger than this. The number of feces found could also give you a good idea of how big the infestation is.

Urine is another good indication of a rodent infestation. While you won’t be stumbling upon a large puddle of it, you can still smell it. That’s why you should search your home closely once you smell something strong and musky.

Gnawing and Scratching

Rodents like mice and rats need to go around chewing on things because their large teeth never stop growing. The gnawing helps keep the teeth short and sharp, and failure to sharpen their teeth could result in it covering their mouths, preventing them from eating. Because of this, a rodent infestation will quickly make itself apparent by leaving gnaw marks all over your home and on your furniture. They’re even fond of chewing on wires. So if you see new marks on a chair’s legs or see a torn wire, you might want to keep an eye out for rodents.

Scratch marks are another common sign. These small creatures can have remarkably sharp claws and teeth, and they use these to gain access to food. This will usually result in scratch marks appearing all over a food’s packaging.

Sounds at Night

Rats and mice tend to be more active at night. That’s when they’ll feel comfortable enough to wander out for food or to fight against each other. That’s why a sudden noise in the middle of the night could be a good indication of a rodent infestation. This could include the sound of their steps as they skitter across your home, their squeaking as they communicate with one another, or even the sound of hissing as they fight amongst each other.

Pets Acting Odd

While you may not be able to see, smell, or hear the rodents invading your home, your pet certainly can. Not only do pets spend more time close to the ground where they’ll be more likely to spot a small mouse or rat, but their acute senses are built to hunt creatures just like these. As a result, your pet will usually be able to spot the infestation before you, but you can use that to your advantage. Be sure to investigate your home if you see your pets suddenly obsessing over a small area, making noises while there, or appear to be trying to grab something.

Abandoned Rodent Nests

Another sign of an infestation is stumbling upon an abandoned rodent’s nest. Because of how big your house is compared to these intruders, they’ll have several small nests scattered around the place. Some of which will be abandoned.

The nests are going to be full of shredded material that’ll keep the rodents warm and comfortable. This could include ripped papers, towels, insulation, and other fabric. You might also spot a bunch of droppings there. In which case, it’s important you go around searching for any other clues the pests left behind.

How to Get Rid of Mice and Rats

After looking out for rodent waste, scratch marks, sounds at night, pets acting weird, and rodent habitats you’ve realized that you have a rodent infestation, but what can you do about it? Call a professional pest control company like Magic Touch Exterminating and Wildlife Control! With all the knowledge and years of experience, these professionals will be able to get rid of your rodent problem in no time.