How to Spot Quality Women’s Clothing With That Evergreen Look

Have you ever been to your favorite clothing store, either window shopping or doing actual shopping, and every piece of clothing you see just appeals to you to the point of being confused and undecided on what clothes to settle for? You settle for those that you consider the best and pay for them. After just a single wash, you no longer recognize the clothes you fell in love with in the first place. They have either shrunk in size, lost their color, or their feel is no longer the same.

We all at some point have experienced this and can relate to the dilemma that arises from this conundrum. This can bring a bad experience because of the time wasted sifting through the clothes and making a purchase. Knowing what you want beforehand and the criteria for choosing quality clothes can prove to be a big difference. Here are some ideas that could be helpful in settling for the best quality and get value for your money. And for simple but glamorous women’s wardrobes, you can contact a legit mela purdie stockist online.

Start By Checking on the Fabric

Always double-check if you indeed purchase genuine moda fabrics in Australia. Clothing marked as 100% silk will not necessarily mean that it is wholly silk. Manufactures in recent times are trying to cut on costs, so they tend to add in some blends. For denim, some lycra can be added to add some stretch and a smooth feeling. You can decide first hand whether you prefer 100% cotton or you can do with some lycra blend.

Another thing to check on the fabric is whether it wrinkles easily. You can do a spot check by squeezing the fabric firmly in the hand and then release it. If there are wrinkles, consider whether you have time for ironing. If you hate ironing, avoid linen clothes by all means unless it is those PushpLinen bed sheets you adore so much.

The Size and Fit

Most people think that the size and the fit of the cloth does not determine its quality. It actually does. In this age of e-commerce business, lots of clothes are being returned in droves back to the stores they were ordered from due to fitting issues. There is a petition currently on-going, led by women celebrities, to force mass-markets chain stores to carry a wider range of sizes, such as designer plus-size clothing. The chain stores have responded positively by introducing a range of sizes, including sizes that have been ignored for a long time.

Strength of the Seams

Avoid loose seams, especially those with loose threads. You can check this by stretching the sides of the seams of a dress and hold it against some light. If the light filters through, drop that dress. A good cloth should also have enough seam allowance to allow for some adjustments when needed.  Be sure to check out wrangler t shirts as well.


Accessories like buttons, zippers, and Velcro can be used functionally or aesthetically. If the zippers are not placed for aesthetic reasons, then they should not be visible on the clothing. The buttons and the buttonholes should fit correctly.

Lining Usage

Lining, when used correctly, can help achieve a smooth fit and a soft feel of a dress, skirt, or coat. But check closely. It could be used to camouflage some sewing defaults too. The lining used should be of good quality and should allow stretching.

How Are the Patterns and Prints Laid

Stripes, plaids, and prints have some visual effects depending on how they are placed in a garment. It is also a difficult process matching prints and stripes during garment construction processes. Because of this, there are garments whose stripes or plaids overlap because of poor construction processes. One should keenly observe this because when the plaids or stripes are mismatched, they can make the wearer look awkward and dumpy.

Use of Facings

Self-facings are used in blouses or shirts to reinforce the collars, cuffs, or front plackets. Consider whether you prefer self-facings to fusible facings. Sometimes, too thick fusible facing used on thin fabrics can be a nuisance since they are difficult to remove.

Applying these tips will be helpful in finding and buying quality clothes. You could also try to find out what your friend or that celebrity you admire looks for when shopping for a trendy and quality piece of clothing.