How to Sign-Up in Fun888

It is already a known fact by many casino players that online gambling websites are becoming more and more popular as technology and the internet get even more accessible. Because of the popularity of online casinos, there are many companies or brands that are trying to cash in on the trends by creating their own casino website. So, with so many companies owning online casinos, players already have hundreds to choose from when it comes to finding their preferred online casino.

While experienced players wouldn’t have difficulties moving from one online casino to another, beginners often find it challenging to look for the best casino website for them due to the sheer number of casinos available online. If you’re one of those beginners, we are here to make your search faster by recommending one gambling site that you may like. This website is Fun888, a worldwide online gambling platform that is renowned for its great services and fun casino games. If you want to become a player or member of Fun888, follow the steps below to easily create an account on the website.

First Step: Enter the Fun888 Website

The very first step that you need to follow is to enter the Fun888 website. However, before you can gain access to the website’s homepage, you would first have to enter the correct login portal for your country. Fun888 has multiple login portals that are designed to let players from different countries enter the website.  If your country has a specific login portal for Fun888, it would be best to enter the website through that portal instead of using a VPN (virtual private network), which is illegal to utilize for almost all online casinos.

Once you have entered the homepage of Fun888, you can then click on the Register or Join Now button that is usually found on the top right corner of the homepage. If you are not sure that Fun888 is a suitable gambling site for you, you can check the website’s features and list of games and services before creating an account.

Second Step: Complete the Registration Form

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The second step to be followed is to complete the registration form, which would appear after you click the Join Now or Register button. The registration form requires you to give several details about your personal information, particularly your email address, full name, and phone number. The personal information you provide can benefit both you and Fun888, as the website can make sure that you are a legitimate person that is not going to commit fraud and other crimes in the casino, and you can also be able to retrieve the account faster if it ever gets stolen since you can show identification cards as proof that the account originally belonged to you.

Within the registration form, you will also need to input a username and password, which will be utilized for you to gain access to the account. The username should have 4 to 11 characters, while the password should be much longer and must have 6 to 16 characters for it. Remember that you can only use numbers and letters for the password and username. Moreover, you should also provide a fully working email address since this is where you will follow the third step.

Third Step: Activate Your Account

Before you can get access to your account using a username and a password, you would first have to activate or validate your account through the email that will be sent to your email address by Fun888. Wait for a few minutes or seconds for the email and read it immediately once you find it in your inbox. Read the contents of the validation email thoroughly, and press the Bet Now button at the bottom of the email to activate your account. When you click on the said button, you will be redirected to the Fun888 website so that you can quickly input your username and password to log in for the first time.

Fun888 would usually tell you about the welcome bonuses they give out to new players on the validation email. You can click on the “claim here” hyperlink to get the welcome bonus, although the link would just redirect you to the Fun888 homepage, as it is also a button that is utilized to activate your account. To redeem the welcome bonus, you would need to deposit money for the first time in your account’s wallet. The size of the welcome bonus you get depends on the amount of money you deposit. So, if you have a 200% welcome bonus, there will be an extra $20 that will be added to your account’s wallet if you deposit $10.

Those are the three easy steps that you should follow to create an account on Fun888. Always remember to collect bonuses when they are offered so that you can use them to increase your winning streak or to play legitimate online casino games for free.