How to Shop for the Right Air Conditioner

Air conditioners offer relief during the scorching summer months. Investing in an air conditioner is one of the best home improvements you can make to help keep you and your family members keep cool. They are quite handy but they don’t come cheap! Therefore, it is important to shop smart, lest your air conditioner ends up breaking down after a few months. This is just one aspect to look into as you buy. Here is a guide on how to shop for the right AC for your house.

Focus on the basics

It is easy to get caught up with the adverts of air conditioners online and on social media and be fixated on the many promising features. However, it would be best to pay attention to the basic features that will ensure your machine is durable and efficient.

For instance, opt for an AC with copper coils instead of aluminum coils as they are more reliable and effective in cooling a room. Enquire how well the AC can perform in direct sunlight and scorching heat. A good quality AC will perform well in high heat and will not consume more power than usual.

Look at the size of your room

Buying an inappropriate air conditioner will either make your room too cold or fail to provide enough cooling. Measure the area of your room in square feet and look up the appropriate cooling capacity. For instance, for a room that is 120 square feet, a 1 ton AC will be enough to provide relief from the heat. Purchasing the correct capacity AC in your room will also help you save on utility bills.

Beware of noise levels!

Noise in an air conditioner is measured in a metric known as Decibels (Db). A noisy AC will disturb both you and your loved ones as you sleep. Before you buy any AC model, ask the manufacturers about the noise level. You could also search for a quiet air conditioner window unit online and peruse the specifications of the models you like.

Select the highest star rating

Investing in an energy-efficient AC should be your top priority. Air conditioners are rated from one star to five stars. When shopping for an AC, choose one with a five-star rating as they consume less power. The higher the star rating, the lesser the power they consume.

Buy brands that offer after sale servicing

Air conditioners are complex machines that require regular servicing. It would be best if you scheduled regular maintenance before a problem occurs. Be on the lookout for reputable brands in your area whose service record is known. Before you commit to buying an AC, ensure it can be serviced at an affordable rate and at regular intervals. Avoid supporting brands you are not sure will offer you after sale service.

Final remarks

It is important to do your research before you splurge on an air conditioner that will end up disappointing you. Frankly, many brands are only interested in making sales rather than providing high-quality air conditioners that will serve you well. So, take your time as you shop for an AC.