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How to remove mold and mildew from walls

Fungi and mold are the terror of households, but luckily, there are daily cleaning products that help eliminate and prevent it from returning. Fungi of the walls and other surfaces are harmful to health; so it is important to solve the root problem. This is a quick guide to eradicate mold from the walls of your home. Let’s talk about How to remove mold and mildew from walls.

What are fungi and mildew and why they appear on the walls

Mold is a type of fungus that forms from spores in the air. It grows in warm, moist environments with poor ventilation, so the bathrooms and attics often have this problem. While the main causes are humidity and lack of ventilation, sometimes mold growth may be due to a leak in any internal or external pipe. The poorly insulated heating pipes can also accumulate moisture in the walls.

The most common fungi are displayed on the walls as black spots ranging covering every larger areas if they are not fought. To know if a wall has mushrooms, pass a cloth with bleach on the stained area. If the dark color disappears within minutes, the wall has fungi. If not, you likely have a spot of dirt.

Removing fungus walls

Caution: fungi can cause allergic reactions and affect health. If your walls are completely covered with mushrooms, view a specialist. To clean a small area using goggles, gloves and a mask, because contact with the spores can be harmful. I opened the windows or turn on a fan while you’re cleaning. If you use a commercial product, always Read the label and Ask first test in a hidden place.

How to prevent recurrence of mold and mildew stains

Once you have removed your walls fungi, the next step is to take action to prevent them from reappearing. If you used a specific cleaner, as an antimicrobial spray to remove mold from walls, the same product will help prevent recurrence of the spores. Also you can paint the wall with an antifungal paint, achieved in any business DIY.

To prevent mold growth in the long term, you can install an electric dehumidifier in the most affected areas. If the problem is structural, it is best to improve the insulation of walls and ceilings to be less affected by condensation and mold.