How to Reduce Noise and Fix a Squeaky Bed Frame?

In order to have a good and sound sleep, you will need a calm and good environment. But sometimes, unwanted noises can ruin your sleep. In that situation, a squeaky bed is the worst. Usually, when you turn or toss in your squeaky bed, unwanted noises coming from the bed.

These kinds of unwanted noises can be very stressful and also can be so irritating. That is why it is very important to know how to fix that problem. So in this writing, you will know how to reduce noise and fix a squeaky bed frame. Keep reading this article to learn more.

How to fix a squeaky bed frame?

To fix and reduce a squeaky bed’s noise, the first thing you need to do is identify the squeak source. Then try to fix that problem. However, the process is not that hard. If you try, you can do it by yourself. Here is the step by step guides on how to do that.

  • Identify the location of squeak:

Firstly, you need to find out where all these unwanted sounds are coming from. Usually, the possible source for the noises can be three. The first one is the mattress itself, the bed frame, and then the bed spring. Mattresses are usually made out of foam.

All types of foam mattresses will not cause unwanted sounds. But unfortunately, if you have a mattress that causes unwanted sounds, it is better to fix it. Generally, a hybrid mattress is made out of foams and metal springs, which can cause noisiness. If the box spring causes noise, try to push that area to find out the squeak location.

  • Double-check by pushing:

It is a very easy and effective method of finding out the source of the squeak. In this step, you need to go for the footboard of your bed. Push your bed back and forth and try to keep your ears open. After that, it will be easy for you to identify what is the source of the noise.

  • Tighten the joints of your bed frame:

After identifying the source, you need to fix the issues. The first thing you can do is tighten the joint of your bed frame to fix it. Bed frames are usually held together by metal screws or bolts. They can get loose over time and cause noise. That is why tighten the joint can be a perfect starting to prevent squeakiness.

You will need a wrench or screwdriver to tighten the bolts. If you find those bolts are loose, you can also add some plastic washers to make it tighter. When you are done, double-check by pushing the bed frame. If everything goes well, move on to the next step.

  • Lubricate Joints:

Another way that you can try to reduce the noise is that you can simply lubricate the joints. If your bed frame is made out of metal, this method will help you a lot because the metal bed’s foundation is based on metal bolts or screws. Lubricates as WD-40 can really help.

You just need to put some in the joint areas, which instantly reduces the squeakiness. If tightening and lubrication cannot help you fix the problem, you can move to the following step.  

  • Cushion the Frame:

In some cases, the friction between the bed mattress and the bed frame can cause squeakiness. If you can find out that this is causing those unwanted noises, you can add up an extra layer of cushion. This should work to reduce the squeakiness.

In order to cushion the bed frame, you need to collect some thin fabric material (e.g., T-shirt, kitchen towel, old socks). After that, you need to line up the bed frame with these fabrics. Then place the mattress in its place. When you are done, it should reduce the noise of squeakiness.

Hopefully, after following all these steps, you can fix the problem or reduce the noise. If the sounds are still coming from the bed frame, here are some other methods that you can try.

  • You can use furniture pads and place them on the bed legs. It will help you to reduce the noise between the bed and the floor.
  • You can make sure that your bed is evenly placed on the floor. If you find any uneven bed legs, you can add an extra pad or anything underneath that specific leg.
  • If your bed legs have wheels, you can replace them with furniture pads. Or you can simply use caster cups to reduce the movements.
  • If your bed Is made out of wood, find out the wood-on-wood joint. Then apply a thin layer of wood wax to reduce the friction.

Lastly, if all of them are failed, go to the shop, see the top models of Bunkie boards and buy one for you.

Reasons for squeakiness:

Unwanted noises can come from several sources (i.e., mattress, box spring, bed frame). That is why it is always good to test every component before fixing a specific source. Hybrid mattresses, especially when they get older, the innerspring causes some friction noises.

There are also some metal coils under the mattress, which also can cause squeakiness. But the main source of noise is the bed frame. The bed frame is joined together with metal bolts and screws. When the screws get old, it easily gets looser. This is how it causes extra friction and also causes unwanted noises and squeakiness.

The bottom line:

A squeaky bed frame can be very stressful and can ruin your sleep. So it is always better to recheck your bed frame at least every six months. If you find your bed frame is still making unwanted sounds. Then you can follow the above step to fix it up.

If you tried all the steps mentioned above, but it didn’t work for you, hire a professional. You can also explore a new foundation for your bed frame. Hopefully, you have learned how to reduce the noise and fix a squeaky bed frame from this writing.