Home Security

How to protect your home

In winter, the use of stoves and fireplaces can increase the risk of fire in the home. Nor should we be alarmed because, like everything else, with good use and following basic recommendations need not have any problems. However, as pointed out by the saying, prevention is better than cure. Lets discuss about how to protect your home

1. If you have a fireplace, be sure to clean it at least once a year and make it checked periodically.

2. Heater away any combustible materials such as curtains, sheets, bedspreads, sofas etc and do not put clothes to dry off stoves or fireplaces device.

3. Do not use candles, incense, cigarettes or any element ember or flame near combustible material and be sure to turn off any of these elements well before going to sleep, leave or throw.

how to protect your home

In the kitchen

1. Never leave lit stove if you’re leaving home and always check that off when you finish cooking.
2. Should you notice smell gas, do not turn on any switch, open the windows and close the stopcock of gas. Immediately notifies the utility company or fire department.
3. Often clean the filters in the hood.
4. Avoid distractions such as telephone conversations, television or computer, while you have something on fire.
5. If the oil from the pan, cover on and off the fire. Never throw water. Here we show you how to proceed.

In the rest of the house

1. Avoid overloading outlets.
2. Do not cover lights or lamps with cloth, paper or plastic.
3. Leave electrical installation by professionals. Only they must manipulate.
4. Fire doors close properly, especially those that connect the park with staircase of the building. We must never leave anything to prevent its closure.
5. It is advisable to put a smoke detector at home.

You see, with a little prevention, you should have no surprises. Looking for quality protection for your home and tailored to your needs? Consultation hedges sure the RACC home .