How to Prevent Your Package from Being Stolen

Returning home while anticipating for your delivery to finally be there can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the package might reach your porch, but you will still not receive it. 

Package thieves or so-called porch pirates might be the reason why you didn’t find your parcels at the porch door after they are delivered. Mostly, this kind of thieves strikes during day time when homeowners are away from home and can’t bring the packages into their home. The worst thing is that these crimes happen more frequently during the holiday season. According to the 2019 statistics, about 30% of survey participants had their packages stolen. 56% of them have dealt with package thieves once, 22% twice, 10% three times, 3% four, and 9% 5 times and more. 

Let’s admit that these numbers are shocking and the big question is how to stop porch pirates from stealing your so much waited packages. In this article, we will advise you on how to prevent your packages from being stolen.

Try using Amazon Key

delivered cardboard box package

Getting an Amazon Key is one of best ways to ensure that your Amazon package is not getting stolen. Though Amazon Key isn’t available in all areas, you can still get it as a member of Amazon Prime.

This is a free app that allows delivery service to place packages safely inside your home, garage or car. The delivery driver is allowed to unlock your home, garage or car door and leaves your package there, which guarantees it will be protected until you take it. You may now think that your package will be safe but what about the safety of your home? Amazon Key includes many features ensuring that everything is completely protected:

  1. The driver knocks on the door.
  2. If no one answers, a request will be sent to Amazon to unlock the door.
  3. Then Amazon approves that the driver with your package is at your address.
  4. Amazon informs you about the delivery and turns on the Cloud Cam to let you watch the process in real-time (but you can watch the recording later).
  5. When the door is opened by Amazon remotely, the driver places your package inside your home, without entering inside. 
  6. When the driver is done, he closes the door and informs Amazon to lock it.

The only disadvantage is the price. To be able to use Amazon Key you will have to buy a smart lock and connected camera from Amazon. This bundle will cost you about $220 – $300.  

Add a video doorbell

This might not stop the thieves from stealing your package, but it will definitely force them to double-think before they commit a theft. According to the 2019 Package Theft Statistics, 82% of people who had their packages stolen, choose video doorbells to prevent their packages in the future. 

A video doorbell has an integrated camera that allows you to see and speak with anyone who rings the bell, wherever you are. For instance, when a delivery man rings the bell, you can give him instructions on where to leave your package.

Video doorbells are motion-activation, multi functional features and are easy to install. The app is able to send alerts to your smartphone or computer whenever it spots a movement, which means if a theft steals your package, you will have the evidence to help the police to identify the porch pirate. 

Though these video doorbells cost around $100 – $200 and are mainly to discourage thieves from stealing your packages, you can consider it as an investment of your home security.

Install security cameras

Security cameras installed outside can help you to remotely view your porch when being unable to take your package. If you want to maximize the theft deterrence, make sure that your outside security cameras can be clearly seen at the place where your package will be delivered. 

These cameras with a motion detector will notify you through a smartphone app when your package is delivered and will also record if it was stolen. This option of preventing your package from being stolen is a perfect match when you are not home and unable to reroute, reschedule or cannot require a delivery signature. 

Get a lockbox

A lockbox can be a smart upgrade of your mailbox or can be installed separately from it. It is a great way to reduce the chances of stealing your package as the packages inside of it cannot be seen. There are two types of lockboxes: ones are non-locking and increase security by just not allowing thieves to see that your package is delivered, other ones are lockable and allow you to maximize the security.