How to Personalize Baby Shower Yard Signs

A greeting card is a traditional way of congratulating people. But you can take the celebrations up a notch with creative signs. A baby shower yard sign is a fun way of transforming your special occasion into an event to remember.

As CDC recommends to host celebrations virtually or in an outdoor area with safety measures, a big-sized baby shower sign is sure to lift the spirits of the intimate party. You could get a yard sign for your partner or surprise your family or friends with this unique gesture. The yard signs can be customized according to the interests or hobbies of the family.

Different Ways to Personalize Baby Shower Yard Signs

Do a Gender Reveal with the Yard Sign

Gender reveal is a popular trend among new parents. You could share your joy with your loved ones by using a yard sign to announce the gender of your baby. ‘It is a Girl’ or ‘It is a Boy’ are the typical messages used.

You could personalize the sign by adding the surname of the family-like, ‘Smith family is waiting for their baby girl.’

Use the Baby Name

If you have decided on the baby’s name, you can use the same in the yard sign. It will be a creative way of announcing the baby’s name to the world.

You can use messages like, ‘We are waiting for baby Sara’ or ‘Baby Nick is on the way.’

Use Pregnancy Photos

A simple congratulatory message like, ‘Kim’s baby shower’ can be alleviated with the help of pregnancy photos. If the couple has been documenting their pregnancy journey, taking pictures every month, watching their baby grow in the mom’s belly, those photos add a personal touch to the yard sign.

You can also use other photos like when the couple found out about the pregnancy or family reactions for a wholesome experience.

Themed Graphics

There are a variety of graphics you can choose from to accompany the celebratory message. You have the package of party supplies like balloons, gifts, stars, hearts, and cupcakes. Also, you may add baby-specific graphics like a stroller, the stork, different baby toys, or cute animals like a baby elephant or a towering giraffe.

The baby shower is also about the happy couple as it is about the soon-to-be-born baby. You could add graphics according to the couple’s interests.

Customize Messages

The yard sign can say precisely what you want it to say. However, if you want to avoid classic messages, you could use funny messages to surprise the couple. For example, you could use messages like, ‘Congrats, You are never going to sleep again’ or ‘We will see you after your child graduates.’

You could order a customized yard sign of your relative or friends online and surprise them on their big day. There are sign companies available that will handle the setup to takedown process on their own.

When looking for a baby shower yard sign, always go through the photo gallery of the sign company to understand the type of signs they have helped put up. Then, use photos and graphics for an enhanced layout. Personalizing these signs shows how much you care about the recipient’s choices.