How to Organize your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to organize, and when it’s organized properly, it makes a great impact in your daily life. It can make your showering, bathing, relieving and grooming a lot more comfortable. Having an organized bathroom can really help speed things up when it comes to getting ready, and it makes cleaning up a lot easier. It also prevents stress at the start of the day, since when all the things and products you need are placed in a proper area, it lessens the cases of frantic searching during morning rush.

Organizing the bathroom is a lot more fun more than you think – just check out these easy tips with our product suggestions and you’ll be thrilled to get them for your own bathrooms!

Where to Buy
DreamGenius Clear Acrylic 4 Tier Drawers
Lipper International 8397 Bamboo Wood Adjustable Drawer Organizer 
ATB 2 Tier Expandable Adjustable Under Sink Shelf 
mDesign Metal Over Door Hair Care & Styling Tool Storage Organizer 
simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy 
Lancher Bathroom Shelf 2 Tiers 
UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet
Comfify Modern Style “Bath” Wall Mount Towel Holder and Robe Hook
InterDesign Clarity Stackable Makeup and Cosmetic Storage Canister


1. Declutter

Organizing a bathroom always start with proper decluttering. Check everything you are storing in your bathroom. Ask yourself “Do I use this?” (Or “Is someone using this?” if you’re in a shared bathroom). If you don’t use it anymore, toss it in the trash or donate it if it can still be used.

Check your skincare products and cosmetics. Throw away anything that’s past its expiration date, no matter how lovely the packaging or bottle is. How many bottles of lotion or moisturizer do you really need? If you have a lot, you’re probably not going to use them all at the same time, so assess if you can consume them before it expires. If you think you can’t, donate them to a friend. Same goes with makeup (by the way, donate only those unused for their safety). Cosmetic products have their own shelf life that starts when they are opened. Determine what you actually use and what you don’t. Also check your makeup brushes and sponges, and throw away old ones that are disintegrating or losing fibers.

Check your shaving and hair removal products. Toss away old and rusty razors, as well as those shaving creams and waxing kits that are expired. If you haven’t used the shaving cream or wax once during the last 6 months, you’re probably not going to use it again, so it’s best to throw it away or give to a friend who uses it (if it isn’t expired yet).

Check your dental products. If you’re still holding on to old toothbrushes, it’s time to move on and keep them away from the toothbrush/es you use. Toss away toothbrushes with worn bristles. By the way it’s best to replace your toothbrushes once every three months. If you want to recycle them as cleaning brushes, put them with cleaning supplies. Restock toothpaste, mouthwash or dental floss if needed.

Check your medicine cabinet and first aid items. Toss away those you don’t need and list the products that need restocking. Check expiration dates to make sure that they are still good for use.

2. Keep the counters clutter-free and use organizers

As much as possible, keep a few items on the counter. Most people may not be able to survive with all their products kept away inside the cabinets and drawers and that’s okay – the key is to keep it organized and tidy. A good rule is that your items must not occupy more than one thirds of the counter space. Assess every product and keep only the items that you use daily above the counters, and keep the other lesser-used items inside your drawers and cabinets. It’s best to go for acrylic, transparent organizers so you can see everything at a glance. Here are some must-haves:

  • Three-cup makeup brush organizer

TWING Premium Acrylic Makeup Brush Holder Organizer

This is an acrylic organizer with three compartments of different heights. The shortest compartment is perfect for storing blending sponges or lipsticks; the medium-sized one is great for keeping your pencils, mascara, lip crayons, short brushes and the like; while the tallest one is for storing makeup brushes.

  • Basic makeup cabinet

InterDesign Clarity Cosmetic Organizer for Vanity Cabinet 

If you like the drawer-type organizer for your basic, everyday makeup needs, this clear cosmetic organizer is perfect. It has three easy-open drawers for storage, and comes with two bins on the side for storing makeup brushes and other longer items. On the top deck, you can place smaller items like single blushes, or products placed in larger canisters like moisturizing gels.

  • Large-capacity makeup cabinet

DreamGenius Clear Acrylic 4 Tier Drawers and 16 Grid Stackable Cosmetic Makeup Storage Cube Organizer and Jewelry Storage 

If you have a more extensive makeup collection and you want to keep it all in display (or if you just use a lot of makeup products for your everyday look) this may be the organizer you are looking for. It comes with 8 drawers, 12 lipstick compartments and one large compartment for storing tall items. Besides makeup, you may also store your everyday jewelry and hair accessories (bobby pins, hair elastics, etc.) on the small drawers.

  • Rotating cosmetic display case

AMEITECH Makeup Organizer, 360 Degree Rotating Adjustable Cosmetic Storage Display Case

For easy stashing away and grabbing for use, this rotating display case is reliable. It features seven layers plus a top layer for all your small items. It has a large capacity of storage, making it a great space saver on your vanity countertop.

  • Bin tote for everyday products

mDesign Plastic Bathroom Storage Basket Bin

You may want to keep your lotions, deodorants, body sprays, rubbing alcohol, toner / facial cleanser, and baby powders on top of your vanity because you use them every day. But, it’s easy for them to create clutter once you don’t keep them under control, so it’s best to keep them in a bin like this one.

  • Hand soap and hand sanitizer dispenser

Cornucopia Brands 16-Ounce Clear Glass Boston Round Bottles w/Stainless Steel Pumps (2 Pack)

If you prefer storing the hand soap next to the bathroom sink, invest in a glass bottle like this one. It can store up to 16 oz. of liquid and features a brushed stainless steel pump tops to keep it sleek and stylish. Since it’s clear, it’s easy to see when you need to refill it.

3. Use drawer dividers

Bathroom drawers tend to be the quick storage solution when you want to stash something in the last minute. Because of this, drawers easily become junk drawers. Also, there are so many little items you probably store that can get lost in the clutter.

Drawer dividers and organizers give everything a home, so it would be easy to find that small thing. Different size compartments can organize your makeup, hair accessories, nail grooming kits and other items you keep. Plus, it prevents everything from moving around whenever you open or close your drawers. Here are some drawer dividers and organizers worthy of your purchase:

  • Clear, expandable organizer

mDesign Expandable Makeup Organizer – Clear 

This clear drawer organizer provides ample storage compartments for makeup, hair accessories and grooming tools. It has five fixed compartments, plus a sixth one that expands to the width of your drawer (or to the width you want). It’s very versatile. With this organizer, you don’t need to dig past your lipsticks and hair elastics while looking for your highlighter.

  • Wooden adjustable organizer

Lipper International 8397 Bamboo Wood Adjustable Drawer Organizer 

If you like the style and warmth wood creates, this drawer organizer may suit your fancy. Made of bamboo, this organizer is light and sturdy. It even comes with six removable dividers, so you can divide and create compartments the way you like.

4. Keep your cabinets and shelves organized

You can store a lot of items in your cabinets and shelves, as long as you make efficient use of your space. With the help of storage organizers, you can maximize your spaces.

  • Adjustable under-the-sink shelf

ATB 2 Tier Expandable Adjustable Under Sink Shelf 

The space under the cabinet sink is spacious, but because of the pipes, storage can be tricky. This under the sink, adjustable metal shelf can be very handy. The mesh shelf panels can be removable and adjustable to make space for the pipes.

  • Pull out under-the-sink shelf

Household Essentials C26512-1 Glidez Under Sink Sliding Organizer | Pull Out Cabinet Shelf

Make it easy to get your supplies under the sink by using a pullout shelf. This way you don’t need to crouch down when looking for something. It easily glides and it’s made of heavy-duty chrome wire, so it’s durable.

  • Wicker storage baskets

Household Essentials ML-7050 Paper Rope Wicker Storage Baskets with Wood Handles 

Store your bathroom supplies in style with this nice wicker storage basket. It comes in a pack of three and available in small, medium or large. What’s nice about this basket is it comes with a metal frame for a strong structure, and it’s coated to prevent molds and mildew. Perfect for storing supplies of your bathroom products like extra shampoo, soaps, toilet paper, towels and the like.

  • A set of stackable baskets

Sorbus Woven Basket Bin Set

This one’s also a woven basket, but it comes in a three-piece set of different sizes, making them stackable. It’s great for use if you want to store clean towels in a cabinet or if you have floating shelves and you need to get more organized.

5. Use the inside of cabinet doors and walls for storage

You can gain a lot of extra storage in your bathroom by using the inside of your cabinet doors and by mounting storage on the wall. You can use over the door organizers, or use peel-and-stick holders and organizers to carry light items. This way, you can utilize unused spaces and free your countertop, cabinets and drawers with a bit more space.

  • Over door caddy for hair appliances

mDesign Metal Over Door Hair Care & Styling Tool Storage Organizer 

Storing oddly shaped items like hair curler, blowers and straightening iron can be challenging, since their wires may get tangled with all the other wires or other items in your drawer or cabinet. This metallic organizer that you can fit over the cabinet door creates a space especially made for these hair appliances. It even comes with different metallic finishes such as chrome, matte black, white, bronze, Venetian bronze, rose gold and satin.

  • Clear toothbrush and toothpaste holder

InterDesign AFFIXX, Peel-and-Stick Strong Self-Adhesive Una Dental Center Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder 

This is a two-piece set toothbrush and toothpaste holder that sticks to wood, metal, tile, glass and fiberglass surfaces. Mount it in the wall or inside your cabinet door for easy access.

  • Over door metal storage basket

InterDesign Classico Over Cabinet Kitchen Storage Organizer

Use this for your countertop cabinets to store bathroom cleaning solutions, or bath product supplies. This caddy needs no hardware or tools; just mount it over cabinet door. The foam backing will protect the cabinet from getting damaged by the metal.

  • Stainless steel wall mount toothbrush holder

Linkidea Toothbrush Holder Wall Mounted, Stainless Steel Bathroom Storage Organizer

This toothbrush holder is made of stainless steel, so it won’t rust easy. It has seven toothbrush/razor slots and one toothpaste slot. Since it’s made of wires, it’s a great choice for keeping your dental hygiene kit dry. You can mount it, but it also comes with a stand if in case you like to place it on top of your sink countertop.

  • Glass bathroom shelf with towel bar

Vdomus Tempered Glass Bathroom Shelf with Towel Bar Wall Mounted Shower storage 

If you have awkward-shaped bottles of lotion, hand soaps, shampoos, perfume and the like, this bathroom shelf can handle them. It features thick, tempered glass shelf to keep it durable. The bracket and towel bar is 100% rustproof.

  • Wall-mounted mason jar holders

HOMKO Rustic Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder Wall Mounted

This one’s a stylish way to store your makeup brushes, toothbrushes and toothpaste, combs and hairbrushes and other items you can store on a jar. It features a wooden board that holds the four mason jars together.

6. Reassess your shower caddy

When organizing the bathroom, always check if your shower caddy is still good to go. The shower or bath caddy is a reliable friend as you cleanse yourself in the bathroom, but is it still working for you? Has it become rusty due to long-time use? Is it too small for your bath items, especially if you’re into big value bottles? Or is it too large that it looks awkward on the shower? Reassess how many bottles of body wash, shampoo, conditioners, etc. do you really need, as well as how many soaps do you really use, so you can buy a shower caddy that has just the right size and configuration for your needs.

  • Adjustable metal shower caddy

simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy 

This shower caddy is fully adjustable. You can just slide it up and down to make room for bottles, and slide it left and right to suit your storage needs.

  • Wire shower caddy with angled baskets

mDesign Metal Wire Bathroom Tub & Shower Caddy

This shower caddy features six angled shelf baskets perfect for bathrooms with multiple users who use different brands of shampoo. It’s for the bottle-minded user, and the angles help easy dispensing of products. It has two flat shelves for soaps and hooks for loofah, poufs and other hangable items.

  • Over the door shower caddy

mDesign Modern Metal Bathroom Tub and Shower Caddy

If you want a caddy that can be hanged over the door, this one’s a great solution. This two-tier caddy can store a wide range of products, and also comes with hooks.

7. Utilize corners

Don’t limit yourselves to flat walls. Utilize your corners if you want to make the most out of your space. Making corners usable also helps lessen visual clutter. The corners offer storage while occupying the space you don’t usually use.

  • Corner caddy

Lancher Bathroom Shelf 2 Tiers 

Get a corner shower caddy if your shower space is too small. This two-tier shelf is made of aluminum and doesn’t need drilling – it comes with a durable adhesive suction that works on smooth surfaces only.

  • Corner cabinet

RiverRidge Ellsworth Collection 3-Shelf Corner Cabinet, White

If you need an additional cabinet for storage, this corner cabinet is a smart choice. It has one shelf with tow compartments at the bottom door, and a top tilt-out drawer on the top. It’s made of engineered wood and has magnetic closures.

  • Corner floating shelves

Love-KANKEI Corner Shelf Wall Mount of 3 Tier

This rustic floating shelf has three adjustable tiers made of real woodboards. It’s great for adding a touch of charm in the bathroom. Place your house plants or essential oil diffuser in here and you’re in for a classier bathroom

  • Corner liquid dispenser

Better Living Products 76354 Euro Series TRIO 3-Chamber Soap and Shower Dispenser 

With just a push of a button, you can get your shampoo, body wash or conditioner in your hand. This eliminates the need for bottles, making your shower look more organized and less cluttered.

  • Wooden corner bench

Belham Living Corner Teak Shower Bench with Shelf 

Unleash the spa potential of your shower area by placing this teak shower bench in the corner. This bench is made to make your shaving and leg-up washing or scrubbing easier. It comes with a lower shelf that can store anything.

8. Use the space over the toilet

If you have limited bathroom storage space, using the space over the toilet can help. No one uses it but it’s so accessible, so it becomes a potential space for storing frequently used items, especially extra toilet paper.

  • Ladder-type over the toilet shelf

UTEX 3-Shelf Bathroom Organizer Over The Toilet

This 3-shelf bathroom shelf doesn’t take much of your floor space, but only uses the space above the toilet. The open shelving allows you to store items freely. Don’t worry, it won’t bump into your head as you stand up from the toilet, as it only occupies the space above the flush.

  • Cabinet-type over the toilet organizer

Spirich Home Bathroom Shelf over the toilet

This is a white-finished storage cabinet you can put above the toilet, creating an attractive storage in the bathroom. It has spacious compartments for your bathroom needs, complete with a cabinet with a louvered door if you want some things hidden.

  • Rustic floating shelves with towel rack

Industrial Pipe Shelf,Rustic Wall Shelf with Towel Bar

For a retro-industrial style aesthetic, this rustic floating shelves seem fitting. It has three tier shelves and a towel rack on the bottom.

9. Hang towels from hooks

It’s easier to hang up your bath towels on hooks rather than hanging them on a towel bar or rack. Hooks allow used towels to dry better and it also takes less wall space. Mount towel hooks on the wall, preferably a different hook for each user of the bathroom, and leave some hooks unoccupied for hanging out clothes and robes before bathing or showering.

  • “Bath” towel hook

Comfify Modern Style “Bath” Wall Mount Towel Holder and Robe Hook

This towel hook is unique – it spells “bath” in an elegant and stylish script and includes three large hooks. It’s classy and modern.

  • Rolled-up towel rack and hooks

Soduku Wall Mount Metal Wine/Towel Rack with Top Shelf

This towel rack can let you store extra towels that is rolled up, then you can use the lower hooks to hang your used towels. The great thing about this towel rack is that you can repurpose it as a wine bottle holder for your kitchen in case you decide to redecorate.

  • Over-the-door modern bamboo hooks

ToiletTree Products Bamboo Wood & Stainless Steel Over the Door Towel Rack

If you don’t like to mount your hooks on the wall, try using over-the-door hooks like this one. This hook looks sleek and modern, with a bamboo body and stainless steel hooks.

  • Suction hooks

Elktry Suction Cup Hooks Heavy Duty

If you prefer something easily movable, or something that “disappears” on your white bathroom tiles, these suction hooks may be your best option. This particular hook have a remarkable bearing capacity, so you don’t need to worry about your towels suddenly falling down while hanged on it. It works especially well on tiles, glass, stainless steel, marble and fiberglass surfaces

10. Add style and function with clear acrylic containers and apothecary jars

If counter space is adequate and you like leaving things out in the open, be careful and keep it classy. Like mentioned earlier, too much stuff left in the countertop can make your bathroom look messy. To remedy this, invest in stylish apothecary jars and clear organizers to hold necessities. Also, you can get some clear boxes and drawers to keep it classy if you ever need a bit more storage.

  • Dual canister

InterDesign Clarity Stackable Makeup and Cosmetic Storage Canister

Store your cotton buds on one side and your cotton balls or cosmetic wedges on the other side. It’s space efficient because it gives you two storage chambers in one container.

  • Apothecary jars

mDesign Modern Glass Bathroom Vanity Countertop Storage Organizer Canister Apothecary Jar 

Make your cotton balls, cotton buds, hair elastics, bath salts and other small items display-worthy with these glass canisters. This is a set of three apothecary jars with elegant lids. You can choose from bronze, chrome, soft brass and rose gold lids.

  • Bathroom vanity storage boxes

InterDesign Med+ Storage Box Organizer

This one’s a vanity storage box with hinged lids perfect for storing medicines, first aid kit supplies, beauty products, dental care items, bath supplies and more.

If you need a few extra drawers in your bathroom, go for this pack of white drawers. Store in here some of your hand towels, bath supplies, extra loofah and bath sponges, and the like. They have clear drawer fronts so you can easily see what’s inside. Place it under the shelves, under a chair or under your vanity.