How To Narrow Down Your Choices Between Varied Types Of Tile

When selecting an interior design for the home, there’s much more to the strategy than determining an appealing aesthetic. Regardless if it’s merely you and a partner or if there are small ones and fur babies in the mix, a household gets a lot of abuse.

That’s especially true during a hectic week when everyone is consumed with work and varied other activities. There’s minimal time to clean up messes or ensure you’re being careful with delicate materials.

That plays a significant role in helping you decide when choosing materials like types of tile that there needs to be practicality, functionality, and then presence. Tile is an incredibly beneficial element to have in a kitchen and bathroom everywhere. That includes floors, counter surfaces, showers, backsplashes, and any highly abused area.

The varied options are waterproof, requiring simple maintenance, with a range of options to fit any style. The downside is the vast array on the market, making selecting a daunting and overwhelming concept. How do you make your decision easier? Let’s look at ways to narrow the selections down.

Tips On Narrowing Down Choices Between Varied Types Of Tile

When selecting a tile for a busy household, it’s wise to consult with a tile specialist considering the vast array of tiles on the market to decipher which to use and where for optimum functionality. The suggestion is that when shopping for these materials, the boxes will guide how best to use those specific options.

A guideline provided by the “PEI” or “Porcelain Enamel Institute” ranks the materials based on their ability to handle heavy traffic or overall durability. The ranking uses a 1-5 scale. As an example, the guide puts “etched glass at PEI1 – recommended to use for indoor walls only.”

“PEI 5 products will be exceptionally durable – enough so for outdoor and industrial settings.” Learn the differences between two relatively durable tiles at

Aside from the durability and practicality, the styles, shapes, colors, and materials will all be a matter of personal preference and interior aesthetic. Let’s look at ways you can narrow down your choices.

Classic and timeless are always a win in any home

As a homeowner with the potential for selling the property at some point, the decorating should make you happy and feel personal, but it also needs to be timeless to appeal to future buyers.

You don’t want to have to remove the tile and redo the rooms because you chose a style that doesn’t carry from one year to the next. Trends fade relatively fast and will decrease the property value if left for the next homeowner to contend with.

Always popular, you can’t go wrong with either “penny mosaics” or “rectangular white subway tiles.” You don’t want to get stuck in an “era” because it has the potential to grow outdated, or someone else might not see the same appeal that you do. Visit here for guidance on selecting floor tiles.

Subdue your color choices

In that same vein, you’ll want to reel in the color to subdued options. Splashes of your favorite, vibrant choices can be added in as accents and paint color choices.

But when you’re doing the primary tiling, while you can get any color in the crayon box, these have to pass the test of time. After a certain period of time, you could wear tired of a brilliant Fuschia or a lime green.

Classics like creams, beiges, grays, and whites will pair nicely with those greens and pinks added in with towels or some accent tiles, maybe in varied patterns.

Establish a budget

Establish a budget

It can cost a lot to tile throughout the house, whether you do flooring throughout or include counter surfaces, backsplashes, or shower stalls. If you’re doing a home remodel, it’s wise to establish a budget and start with one space at a time.

Tiling will add a valuable touch to the household, helping to increase the property’s value depending on your choice and how effectively it is applied.

It might be worth the extra investment if you’ve never laid tile to have someone professionally do the tiling for you as part of the home renovation project. You can create aesthetic power punches with little splashes of expensive tile enhancements here and there, a few mosaics.

Final Thought

If you’re involved in a home remodel or selecting tiling for new construction, the first priority is considering that this will be primarily a busy functioning hub that needs to be fast and easy to maintain with substantial and durable materials.

From that point, when considering the aesthetic appeal, it’s wise to consider tiles that leave a muted, neutral vibe since these are classic and timeless.

If you don’t plan to stay in your home for an extended duration, it’s wise to consider if someone else will appreciate your same style if you were to attempt to sell the house at some point.

Another thing to remember is always to buy extra materials. There is bound to be an accident or three with shattered results as life tends to get in the way.