How to measure cabinet doors precisely?

Well, although installing your cabinet doors is a popular do-it-yourself adventure, it is not exactly a walk in the park if you don’t follow the right steps. By following the right steps, I mean, with basic wood-working experience and carpentry skills, you are halfway on your way to creating a custom cabinet design you’ll be proud of.

Cabinet doors are used for kitchen and bathroom cabinets, which form an important component of your home makeup. In the kitchen, utensils and other kitchen materials are stored in the cabinets where they are safe from eye scrutiny and damages. And, in the bathroom, your toiletries needn’t be showcased for all to see.

For most homeowners, conceiving the idea of remodeling the kitchen cabinet doors with glass and the thought of changing the cabinet doors puts them off forever. No! It is less about cash availability and more about not having the technical expertise.

You don’t have to be a carpentry “guru” to do this. Having your drawers fit correctly and hang perfectly is all about taking accurate measurements. Using your tape, you are advised to measure twice and even thrice before cutting for the best results.

If you’re ready to do a perfect job with replacing your cabinet doors and have fun while at it, then the basic guidelines below will help you make the most use of your time with a wonderful result to show.

Plan and prepare tools for taking precise measurements (Required tools and planning)

Of course, you know you’ll need where to note down the measurements of your cabinet doors. Sorry, you’re not going to need the sorcerers’ stone or any exotic tool.

A cheat code is to sketch the cabinet and the doors that you want to be replaced. This will help you a lot during measurement. That being said all you’ll need are:

  • A note pad
  • Measuring tape
  • silicone
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Putty knife

How to measure glass front cabinet doors for glass replacement?

It beats my imagination why most homeowners shy away from replacing their CABINET GLASS doors either because of cost constraints or because of ignorance. Every glass-front cabinet is accessible through a removable panel, which makes it easier when replacing your old glass front cabinet doors with a new one. Glass replacement is not easy work, and if you are scared to do it yourself, you might be better off reaching out to professionals to do it for you. Look out for reliable glass replacement services in Mississauga area.

Now, you don’t have to stick to that old cabinet design simply because you think it’s going to cost you a fortune to change them. Simply follow the steps below

Step 1 

Opening the cabinet doors you wish to replace, you will see one stick with a screw at each end turned perpendicular to the cabinet frame. You will need to loosen this screw using your screwdriver and turning them parallel to the cabinet frame. If there are no sticks, just unscrew the panel screws. 

Step 2

The next step is a walk in the park. You just have to unscrew the panel hinges if they are not fixed permanently to the cabinet frame. Removing the hinges, the door containing the glass should be easy to remove now.

Step 3

Now your work is almost done but not yet. Gently tap the panel from the inside to pop it out of the cabinet frame and carefully place it on your workstation. Using the tip of a putty knife, loosen the brads by prying in the tip of the knife. Pry out the panel gently by inserting your little knife in the space between the molding and the panel. Do this for all four sides until all the panels are out.

Step 4

Clean the place where you just removed the glass with a chisel to remove dirt and replace it with the new glass front.

Step 5

There is a need for an adhesive to help hold your glass in place. Using your silicone, cut the tube and squeeze the silicone at the edge where the glass meets the frame. Do this around the glass to form a solid bead. When you’re done, place some heavy objects on the glass for a few hours (preferably 24 hours for better results) until the silicone dries.

Step 6

Gently replace the glass panel in the cabinet and tighten all screws or sticks. Double-check to make sure the frame is firm and secure.

Measuring the Inset of Cabinet Doors

Wooden cabinets are made to have partial inset doors that fit perfectly inside the cabinet opening whenever the door is closed. The thickness of this inset door should fit inside the cabinet opening while another part of the door lays over. To do this, you need to take the lip and inset dimensions.


Often, 3/8″ is used for lip dimension while other homeowners opt for 1/2″. However, it is advisable to go for the 3/8″ dimension as it is more straightforward and easy to get than later.

Measuring the Total Area of Cabinet Doors

Whether you’re embracing a do-it-yourself lifestyle or using the help of a contractor, the importance of accurate measurements cannot be overemphasized. A common mistake by homeowners is forgetting to include overlay measurement while measuring for cabinet doors.

This results in a shabby design where the cabinet doors cannot effectively cover the door opening. You wouldn’t want to make such a costly mistake. So here are some vital measurements you mustn’t forget:

  • Get the edge dimensions
  • Measure for the outside cabinet door overlay
  • Measure for the inside cabinet door overlay

Typical dimensions for overlay are a minimum of 3/8″ but you mustn’t go farther than 9/16″.

Will it be advantageous to replace a glass cabinet?

The question of whether replacing a glass cabinet would be an appropriate step to take is not an easy one. Not only because glass cabinets have lots of advantages than wooden or any other type of cabinet – style and taste also differ.

In my opinion, replacing the glass cabinet with any other type of cabinet would be a downgrade. And I share the same feeling with other contemporary and modern homeowners who cherish the classy and chic appeal of glass in the home.

For starters, glass cabinets are:

  • Trendy
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Offers you amazing varieties

Lying behind beautifully colored CABINET GLASS, your antique mugs and other precious materials you got are given life. Sitting high above safe from damage and in majestic beauty for all to see. Very few materials can transform the home like glass cabinets.