How to manage time as a mom with a dog

Indeed, caring for a pet can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when you have kids and a day job. You love your dog, and they need your attention. But so does your family and career.

As a pet mom, it’s alright to feel frustrated about handling things amidst all of that. But with proper time management, you can give optimal care to your pet, family, work, and yourself.

Here are some time management tips while caring for a dog.

1. Keep your dog busy

Especially for dogs, mental stimulation is essential. They are happiest when engaged with mentally stimulating exercises, such as fetch, playing with interactive toys, running or walking with their owner, seeing new environments, etc.

But since you may not be able to do these things daily, it’s worth getting a Kong toy for your pet. Kong toys are safe rubber materials that offer your dog a lasting chew, thus keeping them engaged for hours. So while your dog is busy biting away at their squeaky Kong toy, you get to attend to other things.

2. Create a pet-care schedule with your family

If you live with your family members who leave home daily, you could sync your working hours around if possible so each person returns at different times. You can also check in with your pet during lunch breaks if you work close to home. That way, your little furry friend is never alone for too long.

3. Use your free time maximally

If you find that your job offers you minimal time to spend with your pet during the week, then the weekends and evenings are a time to look forward to. And when that time comes, make the most of it by playing with your pet and go out for little walks.

You’ll notice how much you look forward to such times with your pet. That’s precisely how they miss you too. Don’t leave their side when you can afford it.

4. Knock them out

Just like us humans, pets get exhausted from excessive playtime. If you want your pet to rest quietly while you’re away, knock them out with more than enough exercise, especially if it’s a high-energy breed. That can be before leaving for work, the grocery store, spa, or siesta. Just make sure you have a plan for such exercises in time so you can execute your goal to perfection.

5. Use automated food and water dispenser

You may be worried about how your dog gets their food when you’re away all day. Luckily, there are now automated feeders that dispense treats and water at regulated times. This is most useful if you find out your little friend frequently knocks their dish over.

6. Get your family involved in your pet care

Your kids would enjoy playing with your dog too. No matter which of them arrived first, you’d be surprised at the strength of the bond they develop. Then you can handle kitchen duties or go grocery shopping while your kids or hubby has a good time with your little family member.


As a mom and pet mom, you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Leverage toys, automatic devices such as food and water dispensers, and get your kids involved with your dog care. You’d see how things become a whole lot easier to handle.;