How to install laminate flooring

Laminate flooring increases the efficiency and decoration of the floor as well as the room. Are you wondering with the question of how to install laminate flooring?

I have mentioned the easiest way with proper guidelines on how to install laminate flooring on concrete. Just read the article step by step.

 Look: Installing laminate flooring for beginners maybe a little bit tough but not the toughest job.

What do you need to install laminate flooring?

  • Laminate flooring:Select the laminate floor from a reputed brand. Buy the color that suits your room. Try to buy the best DIY laminate flooring.
  • Jigsaw or squire saw or circular saw:Get anyone among those laminate floor cutter saws that are familiar to you.
  • Measurement tape:Try to get a larger measurement tape so that, you can measure the entire floor in a single shot.
  • Pencil:To mark the edge and the extra length of the board, get a pencil. You can use an ordinary pencil.
  • Hammer:A hamper is useful to assemble the board properly with one another.
  • Spacer:You can get spacers in the local market at a low price. Make some spacer at your home with the extra edges of the board.
  • Foam underlayment:Buy some foam underlayment to ensure the protection and sound of the laminate flooring.
  • Sealant:Sealant will cover the gaps between the wall and the board perfectly so that no waste can gather into the gapes.

How to install laminate flooring


Stage One- Preparing the floor

 Step 1 Put the laminate flooring on the room for 48 hours: Laminate flooring requires a suitable temperature to last for a long time.

Get the laminate flooring into your room and let them stay for 48 hours. By this time, they should suit the room temperature.

 Step 2 Measure the moisture level: Measure the moisture level manually by your hand and dump cloths. Especially in the summer season, you can get moisture in the floor.

If the moisture level is too high then wipe the floor with a soft cloth to lessen the moisture level during the installation.

 Step 3 Clean the floor: Clean the floor with fresh water and room cleaner. Clean the floor as you do regularly.

If the floor is too wet, then let the floor dry for a while. You can switch on the fan in case you are in a hurry.

 Step 4 Lay plastic lining as moisture barrier: Get some moisture barrier from the market. The plastic lining is very much efficient to use a moisture barrier.

Call an assistant to hold the plastic lining to lay down properly.

 Step 5 Install foam underlayment: To get smooth flooring, you must put down foam underlayment before installing the laminate flooring.

We mistake very often not installing an underlayment beneath the laminate flooring.

The right size of the foam underlayment helps you to get the soundless floor. Make sure, you have attached the foam with the floor properly.

 Stage Two- Installing the laminate flooring:

 Step 1 Put down the first board: Get the first board and put it down at a corner where to begin. Hold the board carefully and lay it at the floor in the right direction.

Keep a little gap between the floor and the wall. In the case of interior decoration, cut the board previously measuring the floor eventually.  

Step 2 Enter the spacers carefully: Put one spacer at the top between the board and the wall.

You can make spacers with wood or hard papers. Remember, you have to take out the spacers later.

Step 3 Put down the second board: Follow the same direction to install the second board. Engage the top of the two boards perfectly without any gap.

Put spacers between the wall and the board again. 

Step 4 Repeat the second raw following the same process: After finishing the first raw, come to the second raw.

Did you have to cut the second board? If yes, then measure the boards before installing them. Do not forget to put the spacers attaching the wall.

Hit the board of the second raw with the hammer to fill the gaps between the first raw and second raw.  

Step 5 Continue the process to finish: Continue the same process until you install the last board. Try to lay the laminate flooring keeping a proper lineup.

A visible line may add an extra look to the flooring.

Step 6 Cut planks to fill the spaces: Measure the gapes on the floor using the measurement tape. Now put the planks to the black spaces using the hammer so that you can place them perfectly.

Make sure, you have to cut the planks in the right size.

 Step 7 Pick out the spacers: After finishing the installation, take out the spacers carefully from the corner of the boards.

Do not pull them strong or you may move the board. If you move any boarding pulling out the spacers, you have to start from the beginning.

 Stage Three- Finishing up the process:

 Step 1 Look at the floor attentively: It is time to walk over the laminate flooring smoothly. Do not push pressure just walk to observe what you have done.

Look at every corner carefully to find out any defect on the flooring. Make sure there is no particle on the floor.

Seal the spaces between the boards and the wall with sealant. It will cover the gap and prevent gathering wastage.

 Step 2 Clean up the floor with dump cloth: Get a dump cloth to clean up the floor. Get some floor cleaner into the cloth and swipe slowly the entire floor.

 Step 3 Follow up: Clean up the floor regularly to have the glossy look permanently. Pull things to move on the floor instead of drugging strongly.

 Bottom line

Already you have laminate flooring installation tips. Now, you have to turn the instructions into real operation.

I would suggest you read the instructions repeatedly to be familiar with all the stuff at first. If you are confident about the guidance, then let’s start.