How to Hire a Roofing Contractor

When looking for a roofing contractor that is doing any kind of repair on your roof, you want to know they’ll do a good job. But what else do you need to know aside from hiring the right roof service company? Here are some important points to think about.

Be aware of the company you contact

No matter what you can expect from a roofing company, beware of alternative plans that they might be asserting. Even if they inspect your roof, you might be told that having your entire roof needs replacing. Even if you know your roof is in fine shape, don’t be bullied or tricked into thinking they are correct.  When we purchased our first home 15 years ago in Arizona we were told we had to replace our roof in the next few years, so we’d might as well get it done. In the end, we hired a local family owed and operated company, Estrella Roofing, they provided several repair options. We never had to replace the roof in the four years that we owned the property. Generally, if a roof repair involves just a leaky section doesn’t mean your whole roof needs replacement. For complete and professional roofing services, contact the most trusted Iowa Roofers.

Pick a contractor that caters to your needs

Any decent roofing company will want to work with you no matter what the problem is. They will listen to your concerns and answer every question you have. The first thing that should be obvious is their commitment to customer service. The work that they perform also shows how professional their work happens to be. This allows word of mouth to spread around and helps that company is known for being reputable.

Are they bonded and licensed?

All companies that deal with making repairs on any roof will need to have special insurance and permits, to perform this work. It covers the employees that are hired by their company have special insurance if they are injured on the job. It also takes away the blame from a homeowner who could be liable for a roofing repairman’s injuries. The other point of being licensed to make roof repairs is also easy to check if they sound sketchy.

Look at their past work

Any roofing contractor repair website should have pictures of their most recent work. If they are local, you might even see houses that are near or in your neighborhood. This includes hearing from friends or neighbors who were happy with their repairs. You’ll be able to see what they did and how much it costs. Any contractor might be able to mention which houses in your neighborhood they’ve worked on. You’ll also want to look up their contractors license to ensure they don’t have any concerning complaints or suspensions.

Who is doing the work?

You don’t want to have a roofer person come to your home that is less qualified or is new to roof repair. It doesn’t hurt to ask how much experience they have or how many years they’ve been working for that company. You also don’t want to have a contracting company that sends out an independent contractor who is working on their own. They might have a different quote than what you were told over the phone.

Get everything in writing

Once your roof is inspected, they will provide an estimate that you get a copy of. You don’t want to be surprised with a separate invoice that gives you a different total. An estimate does tell you what the materials and labor will cost depending on their opinion of what can be seen visually. A good roofing company stands by its work no matter what the outcome. This is why there won’t be any hidden fees.

Make sure the warranty covers poor repairs

Look over the warranty paperwork that comes with any roofing contractor repair. This should have a clause that covers the repair for some time. It will also mention what their policy is on any work that is performed. If you talk to a roof repair that doesn’t offer a warranty or guarantee, this is a warning sign. You need to have a warranty or something in writing that protects your rights. Most repair companies will honor any failed repair with free services.

Never pay for a free estimate

Just like a restaurant will tack on a ‘tip’ or percentage when you go to pay for your meal, they will argue it’s merely table service. This is not how roof repair estimates are working, and there should never be a fee for getting that estimate. Every point on your written estimate will detail what services are being performed. The total cost that you are told will also include local sales taxes. In the end, what you are quoted is the final cost you end up paying.