How to file an ICBC claim: The Right Way

Most of us may be familiar with ICBC auto insurance. If you are ever involved with an auto accident and planned to claim for a settlement. Then you may know about ICBC auto insurance. Most people are confused about how to file an ICBC claim.

If you ever think that the claim process of ICBC would be easier than the other insurance company. Then you are not right. ICBC auto insurance has some tricky business strategies and policies. They try their best to pay as little as they can. So if you really want to file a claim and want a good settlement, then try to hire a lawyer who can help you out.

In this writing, you are going to know how to file an ICBC claim from the bottom to the end. So keep reading to know more!

Things that you need:

In order to report an ICBC claim, you need certain things. And you need to gather some important information in that regard. There are also some do and don’t for filing an ICBC claim. But there are some common factors that you should follow before filing a claim. Those factors are;

  • You need to collect each vehicle’s number plate which was involved in the incident.
  • Driving license of each vehicle’s drives.
  • All the insurance information of those vehicles
  • Try to collect as many real pictures of the damages as possible.

There are also some additional factors that you can follow. These factors will help your claim process to be faster. These factors include:

  • If the car is damaged enough that it is not drivable anymore. Then you can mention your preferred repair service’s name. It would be more preferable if you can mention the address and the reason behind choosing it.
  • When you will open a police report. They will provide you a copy of that report. You need to collect it and keep it to yourself. The claim process can require that report papers anytime.

Choose your type of claim that you want to report:

There are various types of case for what you can make a claim. And the process of those claims is also very similar to each other. After involving in an accident the first thing you need to identify your case. Because your settlement claims will depend a lot on your incident and case.

Some types of claims are in the following:

  • Vehicle damage claims from a collision, crash, etc.
  • Glass and windshield damage claim
  • Auto theft claim (i.e. stolen)
  • Fire damage claim
  • Witness and other claims.

Steps for filing an ICBC claim:

Before filing a claim, you need to know if you are eligible for ICBC claim coverage or not. If you have any fault in that accident, then you will not be eligible for that claim. Also, the ICBC will investigate the whole incident and if they find something that goes against their policy. Then they will not pay for those damages.

So below are a common step by step process for filing an ICBC claim.

Step 1: Report the claim online or offline

You can either report your claim online or offline with your phone. If you had any injuries during the accident, you need to provide detailed information when claiming the report. And your case would be considered as an injury claim.

Collect your police file copy because you may need the number. You will be asked anytime for that paper when you will file for a claim. Not only these, when you will go to their website to file a report. You need to submit a scanned copy or soft copy of this paper.

Step 2: Try to assign an adjuster for your claim:

An adjuster can do a very important task is they can gather more information about the incident and the crash. They can also help you by providing important advice regarding the Motor vehicles rules and acts.

When you will report for the damaged that you had. They will ask you for the liabilities and faults. That is why it is also very important to determine the responsivities for that incident. If you assign an adjuster, they will help you determine the responsibilities, which will help you get the claim faster.

Step 3: Get the value or estimation of your damage:

Getting a damage estimate is very important in order to file a claim. An estimator will try to calculate the value of the damages. Then he will note down an estimated value for the repairs and all other needed costs. In many cases, this calculation also helps your assigned adjuster to assess the responsibilities of the accident.

If your damages do not require any economic repair or anything, you can consider a white-off. Nonetheless, you will still receive a good settlement amount for your vehicles.

Step 4: Get the vehicle repaired

ICBC will offer you an ICBC-accredited facility. This will give you the privilege to repair your car from the shop you want. For availing of this facility, you need to contact ICBC first. Afterward, they will recommend you to get their accredited facility.

You can also go through their website for more information in this regard. Also, you will find an ICBC Collision Repair Network facility on their website. You just need to select your location, and then you good to go.

Step 5: Pay the deductible (if necessary)

ICBC will pay you directly for the repair work. But when you are done with the repair. You might need to pay the deductible to the repair shop if you require it. Before the insurance company covers all costs, you need to pay a deductible. You can also talk and consult your estimator for more details.

What to do after filing a claim:

When you report your claim online or offline, you will receive a confirmation email that will include your claim number. You should collect that number for further works. A reviewer from the ICBC will review your claim within one business day. If they need more information to process your claim, they will contact you through your phone or email.

Do you have to pay more for insurance?

In some cases, “yes,” you have to pay more for your insurance. If you are more than 25 percent responsible for that incident. Then you have to pay for your insurance company. But there are some exceptions if you have claim-free records. Then they will try to consider your case.

A reviewer will try to estimate the damages if they find any faults of yours exceeding 25 percent of the damage. You have to pay to compensate for that damage or not get your settlement amount from your claim.

The bottom line:

Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any time in your life. No matter how careful you are. In most cases, the full faults and responsibilities go to the other party. So you do not always have to worry about the repair cost for your damages. If you do not have any faults, tillstillhaveoption to file for a claim.

When file a claim, the insurance company will try to give you compensation. So, you can follow the above-mentioned steps to file a claim, or you just simply get all that information online (i.e., Kelowna ICBC). Hopefully, from this writing, now you have learned how can u file an ICBC claim.