How to decorate your house with paintings and photos

Forget about empty walls. If you do not know how to choose paintings to decorate your home, we will tell you which ones to put, where and with what to accompany them. Level it up!

We review each room in the house to show that some pictures or pictures look good in any corner. Find out how to bring your walls to life and get it right! And if you don’t have paintings yet and don’t want to spend a lot of money, go shopping at Shoppok.

1. In couple and aligned

In couple and aligned

How to choose pictures to decorate the hall? Without a doubt, to your liking and according to the effect you want to achieve. Interior designers Camilla Falconer and Emma Longmore, from Interior Facelift, have opted for a couple of sheets of gorgonians to decorate the ledge of this bench. The blue color of these marine corals – matching the textiles – and the wooden frames add warmth and freshness to this hall.

2. About the bedroom headboard

In the rest areas, what pictures for bedrooms are the most advisable? Obviously, those that by theme and color induce you to calm down. Stylists prefer to put them on the headboard. In this room, the interior designer Marta Tobella has chosen two plant paintings in neutral tones to decorate the headboard ledge, which does not interfere with relaxation.

3. Alone on a furniture

The decorator Solange Van Dorssen has placed this beautiful botanical painting with a discreet black frame on a sideboard. The objective? It is a clear wake-up call. If you look at the painting, your gaze will end in the piece of furniture. And yes, they are still worn leaning on the floor, the fireplace, or the wall. A trick: choose a vertical painting on a horizontal piece of furniture to give dynamism to the room.

4. In black and white

Flowers are a recurring theme in paintings due to their intense colors. These, on the other hand, in black and white, stand out for their sobriety and elegance. They have been chosen for this hall by the interior designers Isabel Flores, Nuria Almansa, and Isabel Font. How to hang pictures on the wall? One way they are symmetrical, with the same frame and mat and well centered on the console, like these, which give a sense of order.

5. In a corner

What pictures to put in the living room? One, two, a composition … Everything is valid. You just have to take into account the space you have and the style you want to give it. The decorator Belén Ferrándiz has chosen a large portrait of ostriches vertically to gain height and in brown tones to create a feeling of comfort, security, and stability. Did you know that these birds signify harmony and balance?

6. The same style

If you wonder how to decorate with pictures, it is easier than it seems. You just have to use logic. Do you like abstract art? Place one or two canvases of the same color range on the sofa, as the interior designers Isabel Flores, Nuria Almansa, and Isabel Font have done here. With the help of a leveler, hang them at the same height. Have you noticed that these occupy the entire width of the sofa?

7. Similar theme

Are three paintings in the same space a multitude? No, if they share the same theme. In this dining room, interior designer Katy Linder has chosen works that revolve around female figures: the largest painting, hanging on the wall, is an advertising poster, and the other two smaller ones, leaning on the furniture, empower women. If you notice, green and yellow are present in all three squares.

8. Tree on a shelf?

On the floor, a plinth, or a piece of furniture, the supported paintings are phenomenal and give the room a certain bohemian and carefree air. In this room, the interior designer Pía Capdevila has decorated the shelf above the sofa with three paintings with geometric motifs. Framed in wood, they have been placed horizontally and vertically to print movement.

9. An interesting composition

An interesting composition

Once again it is the sofa that sets the tone when decorating the living room with paintings. This time the surprise factor is the protagonist. Marta Tobella has chosen several abstract paintings that coincide in tones and discreet frames; while they differ in shape and size, with which she has wanted to play. Despite this, the symmetry is still present. If you draw an imaginary line, you get a perfect square.

10. In good company

When decorating with pictures it is not only important to decide which pictures to put in the living room, but also where, how and with whom. And it is that the site companions also contribute. A mirror with a gold frame is the best friend of this botanical painting. Both leaning on the fireplace, they give light, spaciousness, and warmth to the living room.

11.  From the hand of the mirror

You can also put abstract art in the bedroom but make sure the paintings are not too big and neutral tones predominate. Here Pía Capdevila has chosen to accompany the two canvases with a mirror. The three well-matched share the limelight at the headboard.

12. On a side

Do you want to give life to a corner of your bedroom? Decorate it with pictures! This is what the interior designer Paula Rombys has done in this room. In addition, it does not detract from the capitoné headboard. She has chosen two black and white and sepia photos dedicated to the female universe and has hung them one below the other. Look how well the wooden frames work with the table lamp!

13. Well-focused

A large painting in the center of the wall becomes the absolute protagonist of the space. And several arranged symmetrically, too. In this bedroom, the interior designer Teresa Gutiérrez has placed 9 rectangular pictures of sardines on the headboard! that by its disposition it seems one.

14. On the desk table

Seascapes and astral motifs are very common in bedroom paintings because of the tranquility they reflect. The interior designer Asun Antó has placed this canvas with a wooden frame on the desk. Thus, between tasks, you can look up and travel with your images without leaving your chair.

15. With double frame

Now that the walls with moldings are taking so much, you can take advantage of one of them to place a suggestive painting. This way it will be doubly framed. In this bedroom, the interior designer Cristina Mas Mir has hung a delicate flower still life in the center of the window.