How to Decorate with Half Moon Door Handles

The current health situation required people to stay at home while waiting for the pandemic to die down. So, a lot of them now have more time on their hands. Quite a number have turned to house redecorating as a break from weekday work duties or a pastime during weekends. Moving furniture from one place to the next is not enough. So, they look at other ways to beautify their homes. Changing drawers or cabinet knobs to half moon door handles is one way to be productive in home decorating.

Why replace a knob?

Decades ago, intricate handle knobs or pieces adorned doors and wardrobes alike. Sculpted handles were the norm, and people praised them for their style. But as time went by, they became passé. While it is true that antique is often unique, not all houses are made to look as old as time. A fitting that may have worked years ago may not be in sync with your furnishings or walls. If a knob already looks out of place in a room full of modern appliances and furniture, then it may be time to make some changes to your cabinet doors and drawers.

Nowadays, there are a lot of beautiful knobs and handles available. But there is also much beauty in simplicity. A pair of half moon door handles may look just that – a moon that has been divided into two. It may look like plain grips for opening up a cabinet or drawer. But when you put them in any room – bedroom, bathroom, and even the kitchen – it makes the room classier and more modern. It also gives you an advantage should you want the handle to remain as it is or paint them in the colour that you think works for your home. Meanwhile, you can click the link to buy high-quality yet affordable brushed brass cabinet handles.

How do you replace them for cabinet doors?

You first need to measure how big of a replacement you need for your knobs and handles. While there is no rule about door handle positioning, it is ideal to have a uniform measurement. If you are going for half moon door handles, it is best to put it at the centre or measured either from the top or the bottom of the door. It should be equal to the other handle, especially when they are situated beside each other on separate doors. If you are making a couple of replacements around the house, it is best to make a cardboard template. This method ensures that you can change your handles quickly and efficiently in a more uniform manner.

Next, you need the right tools to replace a cupboard or cabinet knob. Remove the screws. It is best to put some wood putty in place of the holes. Clean up the surface of the whole door before marking your drill holes. (You can use your marking template for that by pushing a nail through it and leaving a mark on the door finish.) Then all you need to do is line up the handles on the pre-drilled holes, secure it in place by screwing it from the back of the door. Be sure to tighten those screws before patting yourself in the back for a job well done. Then do the same process to the other door.

Being stylish and elegant sometimes come in simple packages. Adding half moon door handles to your dresser and cabinets are one of the ways to redecorate without adding too much on the family budget.

Author Bio: Ellen Hollington is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.