How to decorate a studio classic style

Let’s see how to decorate a studio classic style . We will see how to give an air to the decor of this room, but maintaining a touch of classic style. The decor of this room revolves around an old piano. This is a piece that no longer works but is to be used to achieve a classic decor with style. The team Decogarden, we will capitalize on piano and become tight in the study of classical style. Here we show you step by step work.

how to decorate

Step by step to decorate a studio classic style

Step 1
We have a room that has an old piano and is to be used as a study . For the new decor, the old piano will be used will be given a personal touch to the room.

Step 2
The first is to drop the different parts of the piano , and then can eliminate having woodworm. To drop the pieces, we’ll removing the screws slowly.

Step 3
To eliminate woodworm wood piano, first apply the product in all holes and then apply with a brush for the rest of the surface. Then leave it for at 12 hours.

Step 4
For the walls , we will opt for a light gray . As always, well protect areas that are not painted (baseboards and floors) and start cutting with the brush and then paint the other walls with a roller.

Step 5
We will use the piano cabinet as a study table . But for this, we will improve its appearance. The first will set tables okoume plywood with screws and wood glue. Also apply caulk to cover different holes.

Step 6
The next step will be well sanded the piece and then paint it. To do this, we will sander, apply a coat of sealer and finally, a couple of layers of colored chosen. So the end result of the piece will be better and not much notice the flaws it has.

Step 7
To facilitate the area of the desktop, we will place a sliding sockets . Thus have more than one power point by hand.

Step 8
Next to the desk area, we will place the piano keyboard protected by glass is cut to size. Thus, the keyboard is protected and viewable and give a personal touch to the room.

Step 9
We finish decorating the study of classical style incorporating different accessories such as lamps, chairs, shade, etc.