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How to decorate a car for a wedding

How to decorate a car for a wedding . One of the most important moments of a bride on her wedding day is the arrival to the church or the courts. Therefore, we must not ignore the decoration car that arrives. When organizing and planning a wedding, there are many details to consider. There are occasions where forgetfulness or for not giving greater importance, is not he pay enough attention to the decoration of the car. we offer a range of ideas and examples to give your personal touch to the car boyfriends.

how to decorate a car for a wedding

Ideas and examples to decorate the car for a wedding

1- You can use simple loops tied different parts of the car: The ties can be tied to the well combined with some tulle and tied in handcuffs car car rear view mirror, or.

2- Wall Decal wedding motif for car: The market offers a wide variety of vinyl with romantic motifs and marriage. Many of them are designed to decorate the cars and give them a different and original touch. In this article you will find more Blog vinyl models for weddings .

3- Small floral compositions placed in handcuffs: One of the most typical decorations is to use flowers or small compositions. Pro usually are widely used to adorn the door handles of cars.

4- cans and jars painted metal hanging from the rear: The cans carried by wedding cars is a trend that seems to be getting into fashion. In this case, the cans can be painted or decorated to give a more romantic style.

5- A very inexpensive idea is to use balloons: If you will not spend est lot of money on flowers or if you do not really like how are the flowers in cars, you can choose to use balloons. They can be placed in handcuffs cars and the market offers a variety of models: gold, silver, more typical colors, more than one color, in different ways, etc. Furthermore, it is also possible to make specific shapes with them.

6- Hearts of flowers in the back and front of the car: Some hearts flowers to decorate the front of the car or the back adds a touch of romanticism very decorative. The possibilities are many, and can be flowers or other material.