How To Create The Perfect Guest Bedroom

Your guest may be a relative, a parent, or an old friend coming from out of a town. Regardless, guests like to be treated well and feel at home whenever they’re visiting. Whether they’re visiting for a day, a week, or a month, it’s important to make them comfortable during their stay. 

Most of the time, guest bedrooms are cluttered with unnecessary items. If you’re expecting a guest, it’s a good idea to spend time cleaning the room and making it warm and inviting. 

Below are some top suggestions you can use to make a guest bedroom welcoming:

1. Spend Time In The Guest Bedroom

Spending time in your guest bedroom can help you get a feel for it. In doing this, it will give you ideas on: 

  • How much furniture you need in the room.
  • The style or vibe you want to portray in the room.
  • Accessories and decorative pieces you might want to add. 
  • Anything that needs fixing. 

If you have a restless partner, or if you know a guest is a restless sleeper, it’s a good idea to help improve the level of sleep they’d experience by what you add to the room, especially the bed. Opting for comfortable duvets, bed sheets, and a comfortable mattress will help promote sleep for your guests. If it works well for your guests, you can try it for your partner as well. 

2. Do A Repaint Job/Remodel The House

When children grow up and leave their parents’ nest, you can turn their old bedroom into a guestroom. However, to convert a child’s room into a guest room, they need to be repainted and have the furniture changed. If the room had a playful color for children’s purposes, changing the theme of the room can bring it to life. 

Here are some ideas on how you can do this: 

  • Choose colors that offer warmth, such as pastel yellows, oranges, and reds. Neutral colors with a touch of these warm colors on trims or feature walls can also help make the room inviting. 
  • Changing the ceiling light fixture can help change the overall feel of the room as well. Simple yet stylish lighting, such as pendant lights, recessed lights, and scone lights are great options for a guest bedroom.   
  • Nothing adds style to a bedroom like the auxiliary furniture – a side table, an ironing board, a dresser, closet, and sometimes a reading table. As a tip, mix and match furniture to help give it a creative look. 
  • Choose a bed that offers comfort and functionality. Take note that there’s no point in getting a single bed if you have more than one guest drop by. Double and queen beds are a great option to add to the room. 

Repainting and remodeling a room is a fantastic way to help bring life to the room. Use your imagination to find something that works for you. 

3. Redecorate The Walls

No one likes gazing at plain empty walls. Fortunately, there are some simple ideas you can implement to redecorate your walls. These include:

  • You can promote your local or upcoming artists by acquiring a number of their pieces. It will surprise you on some of the great bargains you can get on awesome paintings.
  • Add decorative wallpaper to a feature wall or as a decorative trim. Wallpaper comes in many decorative patterns, which allows you to be creative.
  • Search op shops for vintage-style paintings or pictures. This can add a timeless feel to your walls. 

There are many different ways to enhance your walls. By mixing and matching colors, patterns, and pictures you’ll be able to create something great. 

4. Making It Pet Friendly 

Having a pet bed can be a fantastic addition. Thus, a pet-friendly guest room is a great idea for family or friends who love to bring their pets. Depending on the guest you’re expecting, this can be personalized or optional. 

Some ways to make the room pet friendly include:

  • Adding pet toys in a basket ready for playing. 
  • To reduce mess, have floorboards instead of carpet. 
  • Remove anything breakable, like vases or other trinkets. 
  • Keep pillows and other bedding to a minimum but store additional bedding in a cupboard. 

These are just some great ways to make a room pet friendly and welcoming for guests. 

5. Curtain and Window Ideas

Curtains are a great way to theme any room. Curtains in guest bedrooms should be selected well to exhibit style and promote a comfortable feel. If you’re not sure of the color and style, you can ask your local store to give you the best ideas and style suggestions that can wow you. 

Some ideas and tips include: 

  • Contrast colors to beautifully help highlight the room. Similar to contrasting black and white together, try to contrast warmer colors. 
  • If you opt for plain colored curtains, choose a decorative curtain rod. This will help lift the appearance of the room with minimal effort. 
  • To help give the room something special, choose patterned curtains where the rest of the room is plainly decorated. 

When designing the room, windows should be made in a way that allows natural light and some natural views. Work with the construction team to help achieve these results


Making your guest room ready and perfect can be done over a period of time. If your friend is taking a break during summer or during Christmas festivities, you can plan on welcoming them in style.

Keeping it simple and stylish is key to making guests feel welcome.