Kitchen Furniture

How to create a single, convenient small kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, with many family activities that take place there. A comfortable setting invites conversation friendly and can improve the appearance of a small kitchen, making optimum use of space . By taking into account your personal tastes as well as the limitations of space , you can put together a kitchen that is both comfortable and distinctive.




Put a bench and a table instead of a regular dining table. A bank allows you to take advantage of the corner of the kitchen. It also promotes feelings of intimacy, as the bench style seating encourages people to sit closer. Add thick, comfortable cushions for the bench and linen tablecloths and napkins that match the upholstery of the bench. This furniture has the added benefit of giving you a place to store items, often have a space under the seat storage.

Add interesting decorative elements to give your kitchen some character. Fill old jars with coffee beans and place them on a shelf with antique coffee grinders. Sample collection plates on the archway leading to the kitchen. Get the most out of the cupboards open in front, showing your tableware collection. Add functional and decorative ceramic roosters are also salt and pepper shakers, cookie jars or containers of pasta. Hang pictures inspired cuisine as painted images romantic wine vineyards, vegetables and fruit and bread and drink photographs near the table.
Use a cart with a butcher block on top to expand your space and reinforce the reason for decoration . These carts come in a variety of styles to match the decor of your kitchen. They also improve the comfort of your kitchen allowing maximum use of the space , removing the car when not in use.

Hang pots and pans of a roof rack. This helps you get the most out of your small space and to provide interesting decorative element for the kitchen. To give a distinctive look, makes unusual items such as an old door or a trellis, on racks. Screw the hooks into the frame and hang pots and pans on the grill by the cable that normally comes in the handle. If you have a country or Mediterranean style, using a wooden frame or iron worn, it goes well with these styles of decoration .