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How to clean when you’re just at home

You get up and running you need a shower, prepare lunch for recess, lunch boxes for the office, take the kids to school and quickly reach your job without being seen to arrive with his tongue out. Then, when you go out you have to go straight for the kids, take them out of school that they love and do not want to get lost. While they are there four things you buy at the supermarket next door, and when you get home you have to help with homework, prepare showers, dinner and just have time for the house or for you. Lets see How to clean when you’re just at home.

I understand, I’ve been in that situation, and my house was scared, it was the reign of chaos. I also cried Help! I have no time! and I have been overwhelmed by household chores . So I want to help and offer some tips I’ve learned and implemented successfully over the years.

how to clean

Six guidelines to clean the house when just being at home

1. Make your bed as out of her without thinking. You get up and stretch the sheet and the Norse, and automatically your room looks like another, and do not take more than a minute. Timed if you do not believe me.

2. Get used to take advantage of times you use the bathroom or kitchen to make something there. For example, every morning when you shower, take the opportunity to review the bathroom with a cloth and a cleaning liquid. You can also opt for wipes, it is done in two or three minutes and go from there with the bath ready and clean, and a smile on your face. Similarly, every time you go to the kitchen, whether preparing breakfast or meals, put the dishwasher, etc, takes increasingly to clean a closet door, relocate several spice jars, review the fridge door or empty high freezer. You do it slowly, but steadily and so the kitchen and bathroom will maintain almost without you noticing, without having to stick any marathon.

3. Apply Rule 2 minutes. Oddly enough, there are many things we can do in just two minutes to make our stay better house. Make a list of all those things so that when it seems you have a couple of loose minutes you can do one of these tasks. For example, review with spray cleaner and a rag or mop closet door, dusting two figures on a shelf, spend a wipe for the bathroom or the kitchen counter, change the garbage bag, change dirty towels for clean, fold and store two T-shirts in your drawer, pick up some toys in a basket, empty of papers, flyers … a table, clean the phone, review a switch or plug and preposition bottles boats shower, emptied a wastebasket … Write down everything, and everything you can think, and make a list , and when you do not know what to do, go to her.

4. Simply friezes the floor one day a week . Yes, it sounds weird and it seems piggy, but if you have time and are at home just what do you want to scrub more? If you set one day a week will be the barriers or spend the vacuum and that freegans the floor, you’ll be better organized for that day is the easier it is to you. Other days if a drop of sauce or stain, you can scrub or wipe with a damp cloth, but do not need to be scouring every day as our grandmothers. Both houses are not dirty, so do not sweat it. Your home must be a comfortable space, but should not enslave .

5. The great divide them into smaller tasks. To not burden you, divide the tasks overwhelm you because they take a long time into small parts that are made ​​on a maximum of 15 minutes if you have to clean a shelf up and down and you have time, do not do it in one day, divide it into parts and cleaned every day only two shelves, in three days you will have the shelf tidy and can move to the next cabinet, that if large, also divide into parts.
This is going doing a little every day, but that little makes a difference, at least not clean more than anything because it never never give you time to do it once. This is as big life goals are divided into small goals that are completed and end the desired result is achieved.

6. Establish a daily route. Create routines and habits it is the best way to clean your house quickly. I recommend that you set a route, step by step, both in the morning before leaving home, and night, before bed, and you are firm and consistent with them, because if they are going to make a big difference in your day to day.