How to clean stainless steel water bottle?

Stainless steel water bottles are not the options for some as they claim it’s not that sanitary. That’s why most prefer plastic bottles. However, just on the contrary reusable one, particularly a stainless steel bottles are not only a better option for your health, but the environment as well, as long as you know how to clean it up. Check out these wholesale stainless steel water bottle, stylish, handy and very economical in bulk orders. All these bottles can be a good companion if you can keep them clean. I’m sure you want to know now about how to thoroughly clean these reusable stainless steel water bottles and here are our answers after research.

Use vinegar for stainless steel water bottles cleaning

Instead of daily detergent, white vinegar can make for greatly effective cleaning for stainless steel water bottles. This is due to its levels of acidity which can be effectively mixed with grease, grime and other annoying bacteria stored in the deep bottom of bottles and then cut them through. You might wonder how do you know when you should use this for bottle cleaning. Well, general rinse seemingly can make your bottles clean, why bother? In fact, if you check out your bottles inside, if there is a smell of musty or metallic, then you want to use this white vinegar.

According to the data of U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health,

vinegar consists of 4-7% acid plus 93%-96% water. This is also why vinegar is considered a good resource to fight off infections and other health issues. Even now it is suggested that using vinegar can prevent the infamous COVID-19.

So, how much you should use it to do a thoroughly clean? Just 2 tablespoons of vinegar would do. Put your cap back on your stainless steel water bottles after adding vinegar and then shake it up vigorously. You do not want to leave some nook that contains bacteria or mold. Then add warm water. It’s would not work that well if you simply pour the vinegar out, you should make sure the bottles inside gets fully contact with waters. Use a bottle brush to clean it up, shaking any potential build-up loose. Then remove the brush, close the cap and shake it again.

Lastly, you can pour it out and rinse the bottle interior with water.

Take a cloth to stainless steel bottles caps

The cap is also a part that you should not ignore. If you forget the cap cleaning, then the former step becomes in vain as you later would find out that the bottle turns in mildew and swarming with bacteria because of the cap.

So, to clean the cap, first soak a clean cloth in vinegar. If you got a musty cap then soak the cap up the vinegar from the cloth for 15 mins. Then you can do the rinsing.

Try a cleaning tablet

In fact, nobody likes the smell of vinegar due to the strong smell. So cleaning tablets are alternatives for some that can’t handle the vinegar. When you are on the go, cleaning tablets are much more convenient and thereby better options. After all, all you need to do is shaking, instead of brushing.


When using cleaning tablets, add water into the bottle then pop in the tablet and you shake it up for one or two minutes. Pour it out and then rinse your bottle one more time with water.

You don’t even worry about the waste concern, as tablets would dissolve when shaking it up.