How to Clean Baby Strollers in 10 minutes

After a few days of use, usually everything gets dirty. In the same way, a stroller gets dirty. If you’re wondering for how to clean baby strollers, look no further. Here are some easy steps that will have your outdoor gear like new in minutes! 

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How to Clean Baby Strollers

A stroller usually has 2 parts,

  1. Fabric parts such as canopy and seat.
  2. Frame parts.

For the easy understanding of the reader we will discuss differently how to clean fabric parts and frames separately.

Part One: Cleaning the Fabric (Canopy and seat)

Remove the fabric from the stroller:  The canopy and padded portions of the chair can be detached by hand. Use a wrench to remove bolts that hold down fabric, then put all pieces aside for later cleaning.

Remove dust or spot: Try with your hands first to remove any spot or dust on the stroller seat or on the canopy. If there are leaves or dry food left in the stroller seat, remove them by hand. If you cannot remove the small parts that cannot remove by hand then use a vacuum.

Use Vacuum to remove loose dust: A vacuum can help you to suck up the remaining crumbs or dust. Some time you need the flexible nozzle attachment for standard vacuum. Run the vacuum repeatedly in the pocket of the stroller or where there is a possibility of accumulation of excess dirt.

Wash the seats and canopy: If possible, machine wash the seats of the stroller and the canopy every few days. 

For not detachable seat and canopy: Soak a towel with soap in mild warm water. Then wipe the canopy, seat and handlebar well with a towel.  Use soap that is safe for the baby.

Remove spots with a smaller brush: If any stains remain after doing all of the above, rub the top of the stain repeatedly with a small brush and soap. 

Hopefully this time the seat will be completely clean and stain free.

Part Two: Frame parts

Separate the frame:  In this step you have to work a little differently. First open the stroller seat. Then open the other accessories.

Check the spots and stuck levers: check all the parts and frames. If there is any spot, find out what kind of spot it is and find the way how to remove it.

Use brush for crumbs or debris: Snack tray is the front part of a baby stroller. It carries the identity of your smartness. Trays are usually made of plastic, so you have to use soapy water or spot cleaner to remove the stains.

Wash the wheels: Find the wheel release mechanism and remove the wheels. Then wash off any dirt or sand using cleaner. You can use an old toothbrush to wash the wheels.

Final words

Here are summery for keeping your baby’s stroller clean. Follow these steps to keep your baby stroller looking like brand new and safe from germs. 

Clean the seat with warm water, soap, and a soft brush.

Remove dirt or debris that has collected on the wheels as well as in any cracks of the frame.

If you have an older model, make sure parts like brakes work properly before use.