How to choose zebra blinds for your home


Zebra blinds are a live investment that you can ever make. However, sometimes problems come on how to choose zebra blinds for your home. You need to consider the house you are living in. initially, choosing zebra blinds was not tricky. Still, nowadays, there are many considerations you have to put in mind before making a decision.

It would be best to have privacy, air conditioning, control light level, etc., by applying some coverings on your doors and windows. Places that you may install such materials include; kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Therefore, this article guides you on how to choose the right zebra blind for your home.

What are zebra blinds?

Before we engage ourselves in a more in-depth discussion, we need to understand the meaning of zebra blinds first; how can we discuss something we don’t know? Here is the sense of zebra blinds

We can also refer to them as night and day blinds; they are the perfect substitution for horizontal shades and vertical blinds. They are useful as they enable you to control the room’s privacy and light level through adjustments of striped fabrics. Adjustments are significant as you can use such materials to meet your privacy, insulation, and light control desires.

Based on the materials in a zebra blind, it can generate cold or heat, and sunlight in the house.

How to choose zebra blinds for your home steps by steps guide

Choosing zebra blinds for your windows and doors is easy, with just a few steps and tips. Below is a simple step by step guide on how to choose the right zebra blinds.

Step 1: Consider your budget

Before you do anything, try to ask yourself; how massive is my pocket to go for zebra blinds? Sometimes they might be expensive, but you can afford them, and also you need these materials to cover your windows and doors. Besides, you can use them for decoration, as their name suggests “zebra” is a beautiful animal with its unique white and black stripes.

Step 2: Consider the type of your windows, doors, and the color of your walls.

It would help if you were careful with your windows and doors before making a final decision on buying a zebra blind. If your windows are massive, then you need to go for zebra blinds with heavy fabrics too. This is advisable because it will be able to remain in a position to withstand wind blows.

On the other hand, the paint of your wall matters a lot as it will determine which type of zebra blinds you will buy. There are mainly two categories of zebra blinds, i.e., blackout and translucent blinds. Blackout is in charge of blocking all light from entering your room or house, while translucent zebra blind can allow light to filter in the home.

Step 3: Try to consider the outside-in look of your zebra blinds before installation

Sometimes, zebra blinds seem like having a specific function, but after installation in your house, you will realize that you enjoy looking at them. Their different styles will make you fall in love with them. What you need to understand is that these materials are not only for enjoyment but also for curbing home appeal.

Therefore, you need to make the right choice because you will be using the material for decades. More so, be extra keen when buying high visibility zebra blinds for central regions like on windows that surround the entryway or front door.

Step 4: Make a choice based on the size of your room

You should also consider the temperature and quality of the room you want to install zebra blinds. It would be best if you were careful because some blinds may cause maintenance troubles due to fluctuations in temperature and moisture in the room. Therefore, you should consider the size of your room before purchasing a blind.

Based on your room, avoid installing such items in places with high moisture like in the bathrooms and kitchens. However, you may take care of your blinds using a baking soda solution plus water, though it is an extra job. The mixture clears molds that accumulate on your zebra blinds. Make sure the size you choose fits your windows and doors.

Step 5: Safety of the blinds

Of course, you may see all zebra blinds as safe, but sometimes mishap happens. Therefore it is advisable to inspect the zebra blinds you wish to buy, especially if you children at home. Go for blinds with high-quality materials ensuring that they are not harmful to you and your kids. Why safety?

Sometimes children may play and put these items in their mouths. For security purposes, you may decide to install the blinds in place out of bound to children. This is the best tip to empress safety in the room.

Frequently asked questions

Is zebra blinds a cookie-cutter?

Zebra blinds brand is famous for providing competitive and genuine enhances and prices to customer’s experience with different discounts. Window treatments should not be a solution to cookie-cutter, but they have to come with unique features differing from your home.

How do zebra roller blinds work?

Overlapping the two fabric layers and driving the blinds to one another creates a wide possibility range to control the degree of darkening or insolation a room. Select your zebra roller system: functional and very decorative night and day fabrics contain darkening and transparent strips.


Zebra blinds have a long revolution journey from ancient to date. These materials upgrade our lifestyle by adding beauty to our windows and doors. The above article should help you get the perfect zebra blinds for your home. Before reaching a final decision, it is advisable to consider some factors such as materials, size of your room, and paint of your wall, among others.

The durability of blinds and the safety of your kids and yourself at home matters a lot. Therefore choosing the best zebra blinds will ensure its longevity and provision of maximum privacy.