How To Choose the Right Tiles For Your Bathroom?

When it comes to remodelling your bathroom or creating a new one, you expect that choosing tiles will be the most fun part. If anything, the right tiles, , together with things like a custom shower pan, can set the tone of the look and feel of the space, and since many people spend a lot of time each day in the bathroom, the right choice is imperative. However, bathroom renovations in Brisbane are never easy because what you thought was going to be fun turns into a series of difficult decisions, if anything, the choices can be overwhelming.

If you’re investing in Brisbane bathroom renovations and are scared of choosing the wrong tiles, be assured we are here to help you. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

The Wow-Factor

Think about what is the first thing that should catch your eye when you walk into the bathroom? Should it be the beautiful shower enclosure, or maybe the tile in that space, or the roll-up top tub? Once you know that, choose a tile that will make the perfect backdrop.

Starting with a focal point in your bathroom early on makes it easier to choose tiles that will complement that point or feature of the space.

Tiles That Stand Out

One of the keys to successful Brisbane Bathroom Renovations is to choose the best stone bathroom tiles that stand out. Think about what is that one design you love. It can be a bold colour, pattern, or shape. If anything, this can be your feature tile, which can be used as an accent on the walls or add drama to your shower enclosure. That choice of stand-out tile will then help you determine suitable accent tiles.

Accent Tiles Are Very Important

Accent tiles are a big part of Bathroom renovations in Brisbane, so once you have a feature tile picked out, choose two complementing tiles. Make sure that the tile compliment the feature tile in the best possible way. Having too many bold tiles in the bathroom will lead to a busy design with multiple focal points. That’s why the accent tiles should be plain, neutral, or textured. Make sure these tiles complement each other perfectly.

Choose Floor Tiles

Once the feature tile has been chosen, you also want to choose the right floor tiles for the bathroom. Sure, these will be complementary tiles, but they are still essential.

If you have chosen a simpler tile for the walls, you will want to wow with the floor tiles. A patterned floor tile works best. You can either opt for a bohemian look or perhaps something bolder like the look of real wood or a Scandi finish.

Conclusion – Get the Right Size

We have been doing bathroom renovations in Brisbane for a very long time, and we often see people choose the wrong size tiles. So, generally speaking, if the bathroom is small in size, you should avoid using any large format tiles. Medium-sized tiles work best for medium-sized bathrooms, or you can choose mosaic tiles, which are also perfect for small bathrooms.