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How to choose furniture to match with a house

If you’re moving to a new home or just want to update the interior of your home, choose furniture that match your home creates a professional finished look. With the wide range of styles of furniture in an average store, narrowing the field is a time consuming task and sometimes overwhelming. Take a step back to assess the current style of your home, in order to find the perfect pieces for your space.



Determine your budget for furniture. If you go to furnish more than one room, divide the budget between the rooms as the amount of furniture you want to put in each. This helps reduce search and stay on track in the furniture store.

How to choose furniture


Determines what’re buying furniture for the home. Note rooms where the furniture will go.


Take measurements of each room. Make a scale drawing with measurements. Add in the permanent elements in the room.


Note the overall style of the house. Common styles include contemporary, country, rustic or formal. Choose furniture that fit the same style to not stand out.


Make a list of the colors in the room to receive new furniture. Note the color of the walls, the color of soil, metal finishes and wood finishes in the room. Choose colors that complement existing furniture colors. If some of the furniture is wooden, make sure the colors work well with existing wood in the room.


Take pictures of the rooms that ambaries. Bring the photos you to store furniture for reference. This will help you visualize how a piece of furniture will look in your home and allows furniture salesman make suggestions.


Choose fabrics that work well with your home. Consider other home textile surfaces such as window accessories.


Search the selections in the furniture store . Limits the options that best suit your home. Take measures to ensure the parts that fit your home.


Inspect your final choice to ensure that the construction is solid. Check if there is any movement in the picture, obstruction of fabric or wood divisions. If the cabinet has a pattern, make sure that the patterns line up at the seams. If the pieces do not meet your quality standards, go to your second choice.