How to Change a Room for an Older Child

It’s hard for parents to decide what type of room they should build when their children move towards their teenage. A teenager’s bedroom might be one of the most challenging rooms to design in a house because parents always want their children to have a room to help them groom and feel comfortable.

If you face the same difficulty, then hop in and learn how you should build a room for your teenage child!


bedroom with bed, sectional sofa, and an aesthetic view

Lying on a bed might be the comfiest feeling ever, but a person, especially a teenager who is highly active in life, needs something more than a bed. Always make sure there is a seating place in your child’s bedroom for them to sit and relax as well rather than lying on their bed the whole day. You can get a sofa, some chairs or any other seating option that suits you well. 

 A sectional sofa would be the best option for seating, although you should first know how to use a sectional sofa because using it the right way can provide space to sit, watch movies, and enhance comfort! 

Color scheme

Bedroom with green wall, artwork, and bed

Let your children express and let go of their inner spirits with different color combinations. Black, white and red are the perfect combination and are appropriate for teenagers. Not just that, but these colors combined will give a luxurious and sophisticated look. 

Bright colors can be helpful for teenagers as they bring a happy and positive vibe to the room. You can paint walls and furniture with bright colors so that there is always a smile on your child’s face!

Black is considered a mature color, and a few touches of it would light up the room. You can either paint the bed frame black or hang a lamp, which would work just fine.

Wallpapers can also be used in the room. Wallpapers come in different colors, prints, and patterns. You can find wallpaper on which you and your child agree on and can install it in their room. 


Room with study table, chairs, bookshelves, and artwork

A teenager’s life is happening. Every now and then, things are changing, coming and going, so it’s best to have a lot of space in their bedroom. The space can be provided with the help of shelves. Shelves will keep their life organized and on track. 

An aesthetic way of having a shelf in a room can be attached to the bed frame. This will give them smart storage. Not just that, but once they have set up the shelf according to their preference, it will add a cozy vibe to their room.

Make sure that your child has a wardrobe with different boxes and baskets in it. These boxes will help them in storing things accordingly and will give them more space in their room. It will also keep the room clean and stylish rather than being dirty and messy. Also, keep the furniture as minimum as possible. Give them space to roam around in their room.  

There is a Child in Everyone!

There is indeed a child in all of us that never dies. Teenagers are not fully grown-ups. Part of them still wants to hug their favorite stuffed toy or sleep with their favorite blanket. Keep the things that truly mean something to them in their room.


Artwork displayed on a black wall 

Make use of the empty wall of your child’s bedroom and leave it as it is. Your children can use it to enhance their creativity; per se, they can hang hand-made paintings that they have made, or they can use that wall to paint on it, letting their imagination run wild. 

There comes the point in the life of almost every teenager when they no longer want superheroes in black and white on the wall. If they really love something and you want that specific thing to play a major role in their lives, plan colors accordingly. Choose a color scheme that matches that art piece that will significantly impact your child’s life.

You can also write motivational quotes on that wall to help them start their day with a good dose of motivation!  


Canvases, shirts, and paintings on an orange wall with a sofa and a computer table.

A study table plays a significant role in a teenager’s upbringing. Buying a study table for your children will boost their achievements in life and school. It will help them focus on being productive and build a well-organized work ethic. 

A personal workspace will give them a sense of responsibility, independence and will boost their productivity when they study or do work at home. 

Nature in every aspect is soothing. It not just makes you feel comfortable but also keeps you calm. To make their room more aesthetic and pleasing, add greenery. The easiest way to add greenery or an aspect of nature in a room is by adding plants. You can keep small or big potted plants in the room.

Every personality can be expressed with the help of an aesthetic design. The tricky part is to find a design that best represents your teenage child, something that they are passionate about. Assuming that your child likes to play basketball, you can put up posters of basketball legends or paint the logo of your child’s favorite team on the wall.

There should be a unique point of your child’s bedroom that sets their bedroom apart from their friends. One of the options can be an indoor hammock. It would be better if this hammock is somewhere near the window, that way, they can relax by enjoying the view! This will make their room look different from their peers and give them a relaxing space. 

Ask your child about their favorite colors and try painting their room accordingly. Asking your child for their preference will eliminate the risk of them not liking it once the room is complete. You can do this by opting by painting the bed frame and adding small fairy lights where necessary.

All of these textures and colors combined will bring warmth and a comfy vibe to the room. 

Clean and Basic

A neutral colored bedroom with bed, windows, and chair

Not all teenagers are a fan of bright colors. If your teenage child likes neutral colors, then fill the room with neutral colors. You can do this by adding a fluffy rug, a basic color bed sheet, and an aesthetic bed frame. 

Setting the theme clean and basic will give them the option to décor their room the way they want it to look once they get bored of it. A solid and basic base would act as a gateway for them to build upon!


Bed with pillows and curtains 

One thing that teenagers love is their privacy. You can give them some extra privacy by opting for dark-colored curtains. This will help them have a peaceful sleep and would also add to the aesthetics of their room! Placing the bed in the opposite corner from the door so they can see people coming in is also a great way to boost some privacy. 

Center of Attention!

What makes a room different than others? An inspiring space! Make sure that you leave one in your teenage child’s room. Choose one piece or one corner; decorate it so that it becomes the center of attention whenever someone enters the room. 

You can make this corner look aesthetic by going for extra-ordinary wallpaper, a unique lamp, or artwork on the wall.  


Make sure that you decorate and design the room with room for editing and renovation because older children and unlikely to keep their room in its original condition. Keep these points in mind and build your older children a room of their dreams!