How to become a better online jewellery buyer

As with anything, there is a kind of art to buying jewelry. Moreover, buying it online introduces a few more opportunities that only the most knowledgeable jewelry lovers will be able to enjoy. If you are moving from buying jewelry in the real world to buying it from a digital retailer, you should learn to look for the signs that indicate quality, savings, and decadence. Once you understand how to be a better jewelry buyer, you will be able to have more confidence that whatever ring or necklace you purchase is the highest quality possible. Whereas, if you simply wander around the internet shopping for what looks good, it is very possible to walk away frustrated from poor customer service and inadequate craftsmanship.

1. Look for matching varieties

The best way to build a jewelry ensemble is to find a site with a variety of themed or matching pieces. Additionally, while shopping for online boutique jewellery, you have a better chance of obtaining a discount if you buy more items. For instance, many dealers might offer discounts if you buy a set that includes a necklace, some earrings, and a bracelet. At the very least, buying from a dealer with a broad selection allows you to receive all the pieces while paying for only one shipment.

2. The details

Boutique jewelers often have the best pieces with the most intricate details because some of the inventory is actually produced by a local jeweler. To find these pieces, you should look for sets that have a limited quantity. For even greater joy, you can look for one-of-a-kind rings or necklaces.

3. Quality selection

You must be able to receive a certificate that guarantees that a piece is authentic. This is known in the insurance and jewelry industry as a COA. In addition to the COA, you should be able to see a notation on the flip side of any piece of jewelry that indicates the purity level.

4. Reviews

Of course, anyone shopping online should read reviews. Reviews will cover the quality of the jewelry as well as other things.

– customer service

– shipping time

– wrappings

– customization

Any time you have the chance to see how a dealer has treated previous clients, you should do so. In fact, not doing so could end up with you having a bad experience that everyone knew would happen.

5. Shipping

With custom boutiques, shipping fees are typically waived if you order in enough quantity. Additionally, you need to find a dealer that can insure the delivery in case something happens between the time your ring or necklace leaves the jewelry store and the time your package arrives at your door.

6. Customer service

Any digital marketplace should be able to provide you excellent customer service. You should be able to receive thorough answers to your questions as well as immediate action on any complaints.

Additionally, you should be able to receive knowledgeable advice on different types of jewelry as well as information on promotions that might save you money.

7. Customization

Many times, it is possible for you to customize your ring or pendant. For instance, you might be able to engrave a saying on the back of a bracelet. Additionally, you might be able to have a ring that is in gold ordered in silver or platinum.

8. Availability

Because online dealers sell globally, it is important that you consider the availability of a piece. For instance, if you visit a site and see a ring or a set that you must own, it might be in your best interest to go ahead and place an order. Doing so ensures you will be able to get the jewelry you want. Not doing so opens up the very real chance that the piece is gone within a few days. Again, online jewelry stores sell globally. Other things that impact availability include styles or options that are suddenly discontinued.

In addition to the actual availability of a piece or set, you should look for information that indicates how many of an item exists. Doing so will allow you to know if you are purchasing a beautiful set of earrings that were mass produced or whether you are purchasing an equally enthralling ring that you will never see again.

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