How Often Should You Replace Your Coffee Maker?

How often should you replace your coffee machine? In general, the answer is easy: five years, which is the typical lifespan of a high-quality coffee maker.

If you’re one of those people who cleans and descales their machine on the regular, then it could serve you for 10 years easily. That’s how long your investment could last when you choose it well and clean it accordingly.

Nevertheless, not everything is within your control, and, sometimes, your coffee machine just gives up and needs a replacement. Today, we’ll discuss when exactly those times are according to Freshpresso. Meanwhile, read Atlas coffee club reviews and find out how the world’s best coffee beans can be delivered right at your doorstep. View here to learn more about coffee spoon.

Situations That Tell You To Let Go of Your Current Coffee Maker in Favor of Another

There are times when your machine gives up way before schedule. You thought it was at least going to last half a decade? Unfortunately, any of the following things could have happened to prevent that:

Coffee Machine Could Have Broken

Coffee machines don’t usually break quickly, but if they do, that could be down to some design flaws. If that’s the confirmed case, you’ll want to take it up with the manufacturing company since they could do something about the situation that doesn’t involve you buying another coffee maker.

Coffee makers can encounter several problems, including cracked parts, leaky pumps, and broken reservoirs. Any of these is reason enough to replace the machine.

Again, if the warranty hasn’t expired, the manufacturer might be able to provide a solution. This could potentially become a stressful route involving arguments about who shoulders the shipping fee and other services. You might decide it’s not worth it after talking to the manufacturer.

When the Coffee Maker No Longer Heats Water

When it comes to coffee machines, there’s a certain heat range that produces the best-tasting coffee. When a coffee maker is no longer able to achieve this heat range, that’s an indicator that you need to give it a boot.

Sure, the temperature issue could be down to a lack of cleaning and maintenance, but there’s a good chance the heating elements have simply worn off. The fact is, high-quality brewing equipment has no business heating to a temperature lower than 195 degrees Fahrenheit since this is where coffee starts to become less strong and aromatic.

Weakening heating elements is eventually where all coffee makers are headed, so you want to keep an eye out for this issue if your machine has been around for more than a year.

The Coffee Machine Is Dated

The term “vintage” is rarely ever positive when associated with an appliance. That includes coffee makers, which deliver their best benefits in their more streamlined versions.

There’s no reason to put up with a mediocre machine that spouts mediocre coffee, especially in a day and age when affordable, high-quality brewing equipment is available. Go for that robust machine you’ve been eyeing for a while or fancy espresso maker your partner’s been begging you to buy. Life’s too short to fill with bad coffee experiences.

When Your Taste in Coffee Is No Longer the Same

Two things can happen the longer you’re a coffee drinker: you become a purist or taste in coffee changes. If the latter happens, you might have to do away with your existing machine. Of course, we aren’t asking you to throw it away; you can simply pack it up for storage until you decide to revert to your old coffee ways.

As loyal as your drip machine has been, you could outgrow the kind of coffee it produces. Your taste may now revolve around the more profound flavors and aroma of espresso, macchiato, or cappuccino. That’s how one’s relationship with coffee can be sometimes, so you always want to pay attention to your personal needs.

When Your Coffee Maker No Longer Associates With Your Lifestyle

When you see a disconnect between the type of coffee maker you have and the kind of life you’re living, the coffee maker has to adjust. You might have been the type of person who was fine with waiting for their coffee to brew, but what if you’re no longer that now?

That means the features of your classic machine no longer suffice. You could now need a coffee maker with additional features which cater to your faster-paced life. These days, there are models with automated features that can pretty much do everything for you. All you have to do is program them according to your needs, and voila!

A Coffee Maker That Meets Your Needs

There’s a vast array of coffee makers saturating the market, so never limit yourself to a model that doesn’t satisfy your needs. The current market scenario involving coffee machines provides users with countless options that can meet their unique and changing lifestyles. Any moment an appliance makes you feel like you’re settling for less is a moment to consider replacing it.