How Much Is The Cost Of Pipe Relining In Sydney?

Every individual knows that major plumbing work comes with a big price tag, sometimes it is large and can be invasive. The truth is that the benefits will outweigh having faulty plumbing. You have an option of how to get something fixed which impacts how much you pay and how much you can expect disrupting your business. The Relining Company offers you the best cost of pipe relining in Sydney.

Pipe Relining

If there are damaged or broken pipes, obstructed or buried at your place, you have to dig up the complete area to replace that pipe. Pipe relining gets plumbing out of the dark ages and into the 21st century with the use of modern techniques to reline the pipes. This can be considered as a temporary solution until you afford something more permanent, but that is not the case at all. Modern technology of pipe relining supplied by professionals, provides some best liners in the market. They insert a liner into the pipe, refuse it with epoxy resin to create a new pipe within the damaged pipe that is as strong as a completely new pipe.

What Affects The Cost Of Pipe Relining?

When you decide that the best way to get your pipes repaired is pipe relining but there are a number of options in place when it comes to getting started. When quoting on a relining work, we need to consider the factors available to make the final decision. The factors that influence the cost of relining are –

  • The access to the pipe
  • The length and diameter of the pipe
  • Material of pipe
  • No. of breaks and their lengths

Methods Of Pipe Relining

Two methods are used for pipe relining – one is the inversion method and the other is the patch method. Based on the situation the reliners determine the most appropriate method to get the best results.

  • Inversion Pipe Relining – In this method the stormwater, sewer, and other types of pipes are relined in large sections nearly 3 metres in length. This is a seamless, single liner. The epoxy resin liners are inserted into the drain using an inversion drum with air pressure.

  • Patch Pipe Relining – It is a sectional way of relining pipes and is much cost-effective when there are one or few areas that are to be repaired along a pipe, and the rest is in proper working order. The silicate resin patches are installed to repair the damaged areas. So if there are only one, two or more cracks then this may be the best option.

Pricing Estimate

This is to help you understand the starting price based on standard 90 /100 sewer and storm pipes. A full assessment of the area and the issue is to be done before confirming the price of works. The actual price depends on a lot of factors but the professionals give you a complete cost before beginning to work. Along with the actual relining, there are other costs that could be included like

  • A small amount of digging or cutting may be involved while accessing the pipes.
  • After relining in pipes the rebuilding of the pipe connections.


The professionals are confident in their service and the products and they know when pipe relining is the best option. Pipe relining is strong enough to last for many years and the companies provide a guarantee on their pipe relining workmanship. With modern technology and guarantees in place for peace of mind, you will know that you are making the right choice by adopting pipe relining services.