How Much Is My ICBC Claim Worth?

Accidents always cause harmful consequences, both physically and mentally. Your properties also get damaged in some cases. People often asking how much is my ICBC claim worth? Keep reading. You will get your answer here.

In case you are a victim of an accident, either by car or motor vehicle, you have the right to claim your reparations against the guilty party.In that case, ICBC provides you strong support throughout the entire process. It decides how much you can claim as compensation for your damages.

ICBC Injury Claim Calculator

ICBC injury claim calculator is an easy system by which you can easily and perfectly measure how much you have injured in an accident or the opposition driver as well. And depending on the injuries, pains, and sufferings, the compensation amount is decided for the victim.

Under the ICBC insurance, this calculator measures the injuries and compensation amounts based on some surveys on the case. This calculating system is prevalent in Canada.

According to the ICBC injury claim system, you can claim your reparations for some specific criteria. They might include—

  • Physical pains, sufferings,and loss of pleasures
  • For your past and future income due to the accident
  • Your medical and other future expenses
  • For your In Trust damages
  • Costs of special damages such as out of pocket expenses
  • Other issues

How Much Is My ICBC Claim Worth?

If you are a victim of any accident, you can claim your reparations for the criteria mentioned above with ICBC insurance’s help. Based on your injuries and damages, ICBC decides how much you should claim and get your reparations for the damages.

Here you can find a detailed description ofyour ICBC claim worth for your various damages and losses.

Pain and Sufferings

Pain and sufferings and loss of your pleasures of life are considered to be your non-pecuniary damages. ICBC strongly supports claiming for these injuries and damages. According to the Supreme Court of Canada, you can claim for your pains, sufferings, and loss of pleasures around $100,00.

The law was set in 1978. Recently, the amount has been increased to $300,00 for non-pecuniary damages. The court says that no matter how deeply non-pecuniary damages injure you, you can not claim more than that amount as compensation.

Loss of Income

When you face an accident for which you are not responsible, rather, you are the victim, you might go through incomparable losses. One of the major losses you have to undergo is the loss of income, both past, and future income.

When you are injured in an accident, you might not be able to join your works for physical injuries from that time. That means both your past and future (time you need to be physically fit) income falls in threat.

For that purpose, you can claim your reparations, but the amount is not fixed. It varies depending upon your injuries and your income amounts.

Future Expenses

Future expenses include your medical costs for therapies or future check-ups. You might need medical treatment costs, doctors’ fees, hospital bills, medicine costs, and other equipment expenses for your physical injuries.

When you are the victim, you have the right to claim your compensation for these costs. Medical costs are not always necessary to be fixed because injuries and expenses vary from person to person.

You can take help from ICBC on how much you should claim for your injuries. Remember to keep all your prescriptions and reports as pieces of evidence.

Compensation for In Trust Damages

Intrust, damages are mainly focusing on your relations like friends, families, and other nearest ones. Because when you are injured, not only you but also your whole family and sometimes friends also suffer.

And in case you are the only earning member of your family, think about the patheticsituation for your family. ICBC ensures the claiming opportunities for your trusted members because of your damages. The amount is, again, negotiable. You can settle it by taking help from the ICBC.

Special Damages

Your out of pocket expenses involves your reparations for special damages. For example, costs for your vehicle damage, bandage and other hospital issues, charge of insurance deductibles, transportation expenses, and many more.

ICBC gives you the support to claim for your special damages depending on the costing amount you need.


Apart from these mentioned damages, you might face some other injuries due to the accident, such as tax costs, intrust awards, and so on. Under the help of ICBC, you can also claim reparations for those damages. But the amount might vary.

ICBC Settlement Amounts

Once you have become a victim of an accident where the opposition driver is responsible, you possess the right to claim compensation. But first, there will be a police investigation.

You have to file an application to claim to incorporate all the necessary documents and evidence relevant to the accident. Reviewing your claim, ICBC adjusters will decide and settle an amount suitable for you to claim.

It might be similar to your claiming or might be slightly dissimilar. It totally depends upon your depth of injuries and damages.


So, now you know how much your ICBC claim is worth for your accidental damages and injuries. Try to meet up the issues through mutual discussion with your opposition party if possible. Legal procedures are quite hazardous.

ICBC is always there for you to help you in any case. Consult them immediately after any issue happened. They will judge your case and set the compensation amount you deserve for your losses. If you have further queries on “how much is my ICBC claim worth?” Then contact an experienced lawyer near you.