How Much Does it Cost to Take Care of an Elderly Person at Home?

Many people are not in favour of sending their loved ones to a nursing home. Even though a nursing home is safe and adequately staffed, the environment might seem to be cold and impersonal. Also, sending a loved one to a nursing home can be too costly. Moreover, most seniors are happier staying at home and receiving support services from family and friends. But If you’re looking for quality home-based care for the elderly, you can get in touch with Just Divine Home Care of Bethesda/Rockville.

Seniors In-Home Care Costs

Different factors can influence the cost of in-home care for seniors. For instance, if a care worker puts in longer hours or provides a range of services and supplies, the costs increase. The price of home care for seniors varies from one state to another, but the average monthly price across the country is $4000. These costs are typically divided along the following lines:

Hourly charges: most care workers are usually paid by the hour. The average hourly rates are $20. Seniors who can perform various daily activities independently need less assistance, but seniors with massive limitations require the caregiver to stick around much longer. Also, some agencies can have minimum time requirements.

Daily charges: some seniors require round-the-clock assistance. In such cases, care workers are typically paid a certain amount each day. The payment is location-dependent, but it usually varies from $200 to $350.

Overnight charges: if a senior wakes up numerous times at night to go to the bathroom or has sleep-related disorders, they might need a care worker to watch them during the night. Charges can be anywhere from $120 to $200.

How Home Care Workers Help Seniors

Home care allows seniors to stay in the familiar environment of their homes instead of getting sent to nursing institutions in their vulnerable state. This service is beneficial in the following ways:

Mobility issues: age, autoimmune diseases, and injuries can limit a senior’s range of motion. Care workers can help them move around within their home and outside as they perform various activities.

Motor skills: conditions like Parkinson’s disease can severely affect motor skills. But home care services can help a senior overcome their impaired motor skills and complete various tasks.

Driving: some seniors aren’t in a position to drive, and so they rely on a caregiver to be driven to various places like the mall, hospital, or friend’s apartment.

Loneliness: some seniors lack a solid network of friends and family that can give them company. But a care worker gives them company and offers them friendship.

Activities of Daily Living: seniors with severe limitations can rely on care workers to complete various tasks like bathing, dressing, and eating.

Housework: housekeeping tasks are usually physically taxing. Seniors rely on care workers to have their houses cleaned, trash is taken out, and lawn mowed.

Memory problems: seniors with memory issues need the assistance of caregivers to avoid memory-related inconveniences.

Selecting an In-Home Care Service

In-home care services are numerous, but iyou need to consider some of these factors f you’re looking to hire the best.

1. Recommendations and Customer Reviews

Talk to your friends and family members to find out whether there are any home care agencies they can vouch for. Make a list of the recommended services and research them online to see any complaints from previous customers.

2. Are the Staff Members Professional?

Seniors are vulnerable people. And so, it would be unfair to leave them in the hands of unskilled personnel. Find out whether the staff members of a home care service have the relevant skills and experience. It promotes the delivery of quality services.

3. Are Background Checks Performed for Care Workers?

This is a legal requirement in many states. If you live in a state where background checks aren’t mandatory, you should prioritize home care services that require background checks. This process is critical as it promotes transparency and the safety of seniors.

4. Do They Provide Quality Services?

An ideal care worker is skilled and experienced. They provide services that suit the specific needs of a senior. If the senior has an ailment, the care worker should partner with the doctor to form an excellent treatment plan.

5. Are Care Workers Regulars?

When a care worker starts helping a particular senior, it’s akin to a new relationship, and they typically go through various phases until respect and cooperation are achieved. Quality home care agencies are adequately staffed, and this helps seniors get steady care.