How Much Does It Cost for Central Air Conditioner Installation in Jacksonville, FL?

The cost of central air conditioner installation depends on varied factors and each factor is interdependent on one another. It includes,

  • The contractor or company you hire
  • The level of efficiency you choose
  • The air conditioner system size
  • The AC brand
  • And its warranty

The cost of installation depends totally on the above factors, thus making it a little difficult to estimate the exact cost. Depending on the service and firms you choose, it can be expensive to cheap.

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Now let’s take a look at some of the factors in detail that will show you how expensive or affordable, an AC installation will be. They are as follows.

The contractor or Company You Hire

Not all high-priced company/contractor offers you the best quality service and cheap ones, the vice-versa. If you want to save money in the long term, make sure you choose the firm which has the experience, reliability, quality, warranty, and more.

If you hire a contractor, just for its low-priced service, then it will very soon backfire you with many AC issues, as the installation process decides the efficiency and operation of the system. Make sure, your contractors/company has enough knowledge and experience in the field so that even if any mistake or issue comes, they will handle it without any difficulty.

The following are a few things that must be kept in mind while choosing a good contractor/company.

  • Must have insurance and license
  • Minimum experience years up to 5-10 years
  • A reputed and established physical office
  • Offers estimation
  • Performs manual J load calculation
  • Good reviews and ratings from previous customers and more.

AC Efficiency

The cost of an air conditioner depends on its efficiency. The better its efficiency, the more its cost will be. The efficiency is rated in terms of the SEER ratings.

SEER ratings in other words mean the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio that measures the efficiency of your air conditioner to cool your home. The right air conditioner must have a SEER rating of 13 to 25.

Though the high rated SEER AC is expensive to install, it sure benefits in the long term. This does not mean that one must buy only the highest-rated SEER ratings. The ratings with 14 to 16 are best in efficiency and come at an affordable price to budget lovers.

AC Size

The size of the air conditioner depends on two factors.

  • Tons or Tonnage
  • British Thermal Units – BTUs

Do not get attracted to buy a large size air conditioner. Choose it according to the size of your cooling place. if you install a large-sized AC for your small living place, it will not complete its full cycle which will lead to a decreased lifespan of the system. 

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The Brand Factor

The brands play a most important role as with bigger brands, the better its operation and efficiency. Though it will come at a little high-price, it sure promises to cover up the expense in the long term.

This does not mean to invest only in the most high-priced brand, but choose one that comes within your budget and have good SEER ratings. Also, contact the professionals for help to choose the brand that suits you the best.


The longer warranties make the installation price a little high. This will save you loads in the future, for you will be secured for many good years under professional care. The warranty comes in two types, such as, 

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty – It covers the faulty parts and equipment
  • Contractors Warranty – It covers labor costs that take place during the installation process.

The warranty can go from a period time of 2-10 years. Therefore, choose a firm that gives you a high warranty period in your budget price.

The above factors will determine the cost of an air conditioner installation. If you want to know more about it, get in touch with an expert for a better and in-depth understanding.