How Important is Color in Water bottle Manufacturing?

Color plays a vital role in water bottle manufacturing. Many professional and reputational water bottle manufacturers like Everich, who partnered with Starbucks and Walmart, invest a great deal of time and money in R&D and designing team. And color is one tiny yet crucial aspect when distinguishing products and help their brand stands out. 

Whether you are incorporating primary or choosing modern colors, these may affect your future product market and selling. 


According to Packaging Digest, colors in product labels and packaging play a huge role in the consumer’s purchasing decisions. Studies show:

Almost 85% of buyers say color is the first reason why they have purchased their bottles and the second is design. So needless to say brand recognition can be realized by these two factors. This is why Everich pouring their dollars in these fields as well.

5 Most Popular Colors Brands Use to Convey Emotion

Colors are well know to convey emotions. It is therefore a massive impact on consumers’ perception when choosing their ideal water bottles, no matter it’s plastic or stainless steel, insulated or just glass one. In fact , there are six basic colors which can be identified as being critical in shopping water bottles.

Blue represents sincerity, cheer, and honesty.

Red represents new, daring, exciting, and contemporary.

Green represents fresh, imaginative, and communicates eco-friendly or organic as well.

Purple represents unique, out of the box, edgy, yet dependable, and high-end.

Orange & Yellow represents rugged, strong, cheerful, and optimistic.

4 Color Trends in Packaging

Color is still one of the most crucial aesthetic features to consider except for the function it plays in product quality, and purchasing decisions. 

Here are four trendy colors we found in the water bottle manufacturing industry.

Pastels gained significant popularity in 2018. These colors are soothing and create a sense of calmness in consumers. Another thing is color gradients. You are able to find these color style everywhere, not just on the water bottles, even sunrise or a sunset you are watching has color gradients. This kinds of color style stimulates people’s moods like calmness, peace, or sometimes a bit of excitement. 

Green takes on a lot of meanings in the word as well as the color. While needless to say the word represents eco friendly, and the actual color is its impact on the environment and the sourcing of the water bottle materials. The market of water bottle manufacture becomes more and more focused on the eco-friendly process. 

Colors Are Linked to Flavors

This is no longer a big deal since colors and flavors are equal and mean the same thing for quite a long time. For example, linking yellow to lemon flavor and red to cherry flavor. Manufacturers use this method to influence split-second purchasing decisions and to drive sales. Consumers can already tell a juice and carbonated beverages’ flavor by its color. Consumers can already tell a juice and carbonated beverages’ flavor by its color.

Upcoming Color Trends

The Global Cosmetic Industry predicts the top colors for the 2020 Spring and Summer seasons. Colors are beginning to reflect what attracts millennial and Gen Z consumers, who are steadily gaining more purchasing power. These consumers are interested in self-expression, quirky influences, and bold visual aspects. The forecasted trends are:

Muted tones

Bright citrus hues

Earthy reds

Clinical influences

Interested in Making Your Product’s Brand Colors Pop?

Since color plays a big role in manufacturing water bottles, manufacturers does not want to overlook this designing aspect.

Everich is here to become your water bottle solutions provider. Let our knowledgeable water bottle manufacturing solutions specialists assist you by providing color insights and design direction on your water bottles.